‘Verano Azul’, a phenomenon that remains in the collective memory 40 years later

'Summer Blue'  turns 40.

‘Verano Azul’ turns 40.

‘Blue summer’, the mythical television series that reached Spanish homes in the early 80s, still survives in the collective memory when it is the fortieth anniversary of its premiere, a production that became a phenomenon and marked a turning point in society of the time.

It also meant a before and after for the tourist town of Nerja, located on the Costa del Sol Axarquía, which served as the setting for the filming of some episodes that projected the image of this small coastal town until it became a pilgrimage center for lovers of this production, directed by Antonio Mercero.

Burriana beach or the emblematic Balcón de Europa They were accomplices in the adventures of the gang of children and adolescents made up of Bea, Desi, Javi, Pancho, Quique, Piranha and Tito, always accompanied by the charismatic fisherman Chanquete and the bohemian painter Julia.

The family in front of the TV

In those chapters, which sat the whole family in front of the television, arduous issues were put on the table for the first time for a society that had attended months prior to a failed coup attempt, but that he understood the “need” to introduce this type of debate.

This is how the actor remembers it in an interview with EFE Miguel Young, who played the character of Tito. “Our parents came from a dictatorial regime and we were the first generation to be born in a democracy and we demanded freedom as a right,” he points out to highlight the role played by Mercero when raising issues to discuss.

Almost four decades later, Miguel still remembers that when he was only six years old – at the end of the recording day – his father would recite to him the script that had to be learned for the next day. “This is how I learned not only mine, but also everyone else’s.”


And it is that the story of Miguel Joven is a coincidence, “one of those that no longer happen”, as he himself defines, since his life changed when, once the entire cast of actors arrived from Madrid, the boy chosen to play the role of Tito did not give the expected results.

Francisco Ortega, better known as “Tutor“, who already ran the beach bar where the whole team ate, was the one who recommended Antonio Mercero to give the” savvy “son of a Catalan waiter who worked at his picnic area a chance.

Miguel is currently an adventure activities monitor and teaches tourists the corners of Nerja that used to be in ‘Verano Azul’ so that check that they are “real” and can “really enjoy them.”

The end of summer

Forty years later and with the end of another summer that arrives, Miguel claims to live his blue summer every year: “It has never ended.”

And Ayo, on the road of 53 summers making the famous paellas in the beach bar to which her nickname gives her name, tells Efe that Haberdasher He searched all over the Mediterranean, “from Castellón to Estepona”, for a beach bar that was open all year round and had a good climate, to which he added that in 1979 “the only one that met these characteristics” was his.

He relates that at that time, when it seemed like a “neanderthal“Going barefoot and” with a rope tied to his head “while serving his clients, he rented the picnic area and hammocks from the director of the series, who also proposed that he appear in a chapter with a mare he had.

“I asked him if they were going to charge me money and he answered that they were going to pay me.” The mare and he had the same cache: “They gave me 45,000 pesetas for me and another 45,000 for her”, deliveries that were repeated during the following four years.

Today he is resisting retirement and leaving his beach restaurant, which he now shares with the farm where he produces “top-tier” mangoes and avocados: “My handles play the ‘Champions’ like Madrid, Barcelona and all the elite teams.”


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