'Ver-mú' in Movistar - La Provincia

An image of the program & # 039; Ver-Mú & # 039 ;.

An image from the 'Ver-Mú' program.

In the Seminci of Valladolid there is the morning pass, the afternoon pass and the night pass. And the second is still called 'Vermouth', and that's how they market it. Movistar just released with this title, Ver-Mú, its new format to boost your films and series.

Heir to La Script, continues to be presented by María Guerra, Pepa Blanes, Cristina Teva and Laia Portaceli. With one caveat. They have robbed us of half an hour of program. What used to last sixty minutes has been less than half.

Everything works fast, fulfilling the task that has been entrusted to it: pure and simple promotion. So much so, that in each installment there are two interviews with individual guests, of which only a small part of the interview is broadcast, edited, which is not that it flies by: it is seen and not seen. At the bottom of the screen it is reported that it is possible to see it on the platform.

But at this point I have some questions. Where is the enjoyment of watching a program about cinema and TV with the corresponding guests chatting with the presenters calmly, with their complicities and anecdotes?

Do the chain bosses really think that Will the viewers who see Ver-Mú go to the platforms to look for the interviews to see them in full? As it happened first on the radio and later on in specialized magazines, we are reaching that cinematographic programs are also schematized in an alarming way, becoming mere spots of what they advertise.

In what way is the viewer who pecks at this type of program at a hundred shots per minute going to be loyal after watching 'Nomadland', the movie of the year, with its haste and its tempo? That is the paradox.


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