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Ventura Winery of Gran Canaria gets two medals at the Civas 2019 Awards – La Provincia

TheVentura Winery of Gran Canariahas won two medals at the prestigious Premios Civas 2019, a select contest organized by AkataVino in which the participation is exclusively protected to the nominees who obtain ascore higher than 90 out of 100 after assessing more than 5,000 wines from 3,000 wineries throughout Spain and part of France.

The awards have gone to the wineEidan white semisweet 2018, who received theCivas de Oro Medalwith a score of 93.5 in the final tasting, while theEidan red 2018has won the Civas Medal with Distinction to obtain 92 points, said the Councilor of Food Sovereignty of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Miguel Hidalgo, who expressed his satisfaction for thisoutstanding award for a Gran Canaria wine.

The team of the Magazine and Wine Guide AkataVino has done an arduous task for several months to prepare a list of 300 nominated wineries, of whichonly the 165 best went to the final tastingblind of the International Wine Competition AkataVino Sommeliers of Spain (Civas) with a jury composed of expert sommeliers. They have obtained medals 517 wines from 54 processing zones, among them, theDenomination of Origin of Gran Canaria.

And for that reason, for the meticulous selection that the organization has had to make, this award is a real pride forJavier Ventura,owner of the wineryawarded, who recognizes that when they announced that she was nominated she did not give credit.

The award has added values, not only because of the difficult screening that had to happen for the final result, but because it has been chosen by sommeliers and because with this prize it wins all theGran Canaria wine sectorbecause it allows associating the name of the Island with a quality product, he adds.

Three generations of grape growers

This distinction is the result of the work of three generations and is also a success of their ancestors, recognizes the winemaker, who recalled that it was his grandfather who kept centennial vines on his farm in Santa Brigida, located in Los Olivos betweenProtected landscape of Pino Santo and that of Tafira, who was followed by his father, Alfonso Ventura, and who now continues him.

Ventura winery currently has about 15,000 square meters of plantations with different grape varieties with which it produces three types of wines: the Eidan red with black listán and babilla, the semi-sweet white with white listán, volcanic malvasía, muscatel de Alejandría and White stranger, and the sweet Eidan with Muscat of Alexandria.
Javier Ventura founded this winery in 2016 after making wines since 2003. Now he applies more modern techniques than those of his predecessors, but still maintains the tradition of making the harvest manually, a practice that guarantees a higher quality when selecting the bunches. one.

And to maintain the same characteristics in the harvest, the grapes have to be harvested in a single day of work, one for black and one for white, explains Ventura. To achieve this goal it is necessary to gather as many hands as possible, so that day is an almost festive day in which family, friends and neighbors get down to work to reap the rewards.

From Gran Canaria to Granada and Germany

The Ventura Winery has elaborated7,000 liters of vintage wine awarded, that of 2018, of which 4,000 are red and 3,000 white. It is a production that is beginning to remain small in the face of the great demand it has. In fact, their wines are not only sold in specialized stores and restaurants of Gran Canaria, but they travel to a trade in Granada and even to Germany, sued by an event company.

Although its elaborations can be anywhere in the world, since the Bodega San Juan is responsible for marketing them and making them known to tourists who visit and become the best ambassadors of Gran Canaria wines, a product that every time it gets more national and international recognitions, as attested by the number of awards that have been achieved in recent years.

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