July 25, 2021

«Venom»: Sticky superhero

«Venom»: Sticky superhero

Director: Ruben Fleischer. Script: S. Rosenberg, J. Pinkner, K. Marcel, W. Beall, T. McFarlane, D. Michelinie. Interpreters: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams. USA UU., 2018. Duration: 112 min. Science-fiction / Action.

We already know what we have, another Marvel movie, which by now must get many more tickets for movies with everything that today includes that thanks to those nostalgic comics, but by far. This time it was the turn of «Venom», the «spin-off» of Spider-Man (I say this in case you want the information, but do not get too confused), or the story of the television reporter Eddie Brock -an Overworked Tom Hardy, although he is so handsome …-, who has been trying for quite a while to unmask the creator of the sinister Life Foundation, the famous scientist Carlton Drake. And the journalist is so obsessed with the case that ends up losing work, girlfriend and residence. Let's start, however, by the principle, which is quite confusing this is the superhero sagas, added to the films of before and those of later. A ship crashes brutally in far eastern Malaysia. The astronauts die, it seems that less one, while the mysterious charges that transported from space disappear. And those are the ambitious and insane Drake, who is closely investigated by Brock, who between some things and ends just "melted" with one of these gelatinous entities. Conclusion: that the protagonist acquires powers that neither tell them. Venom, that's the name of her "tenant", is a violent, angry and, at heart, a horny mental ("nenaza", calls Eddie) that allows Brock to do what he wants from the inside. And, although at first the boy resists, in the end his new skills are cool and the overproduction does not end up being a "buddy film" in all miracle rule. After a terrifying first half hour lost between deadly experiments and rooms full of dying or newly exploited «homeless» that seem to be extracted from «Alien», the tape suddenly remembers who it is, the action quintuples if this is possible, the humor it accentuates and in this way we arrive at a sticky final struggle like God, and the Marvel, command. The film provides a fun time with a script without wanting to complicate your life unless you are an unredeemed "fan" and begins to spin fine.


If you are looking for a couple of hours of fun and not giving much to your head, this is your movie


Although it's physically nice to see it when the alien allows it, Tom Hardy sometimes appears overreacted


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