January 20, 2021

Venezuela's oil import in January, the highest since 2015

Venezuela's oil import in January, the highest since 2015


Venezuela's crude imports They have suffered a considerable turnaround in January, with a considerable increase compared to 2018. Last year, 629,000 tons of oil were received from Spain, which represented a 40% drop compared to 2017. However, this year has begun with Imports of 358,000 tons, 57% of the oil that arrived in all 2018. It is the highest amount since November 2015.

The oil imported from Venezuela in January represented 6.1% of the total, when in 2018 it accounted for only 0.9%, according to the statistics of Cores, a corporation supervised by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

In January they have received 28 different types of crude from 16 countries. Imports have added 5,896 million tons, 9.4% less than in the same month of 2018. It is worth remembering that January of last year marked a historical record: 6,511 million tons.

It should be noted that Mexico is again, six months later, the first supplier of crude oil with 13.8% of the total (812,000 tons), followed by Saudi Arabia with 13.6% (801,000 tons) and Kazakhstan with 12.3% (725,000 tons). Nigeria has fallen from the first position it occupied in the last months to the fourth position, with 11.2% (661,000 tons).

Imports from OPEC member countries decreased by 16.4% compared to the same month of 2018, this being the first decline in six months.

Last year, oil imports reached 67,586 million tons, which meant an increase of 2.5% compared to 2017 and a new historical record, according to Cores.

Last year, the price of Brent oil went down by 20% and only in January 2019 it went up 17%.


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