January 20, 2021

Venezuelan opposition deputy Renzo Prieto is formally accused of terrorism

Venezuelan opposition deputy Renzo Prieto was formally accused of the crimes of “financing of terrorism” and “promotion of hatred” and the court of the case ordered his deprivation of liberty, Ana Leonor Acosta, the defense attorney for the parliamentarian, reported this Friday, and the NGO Penal Forum.

Lawyer Acosta specified in her Twitter account that the court in the case ordered the parliamentarian deprived of liberty after “revoking the substitute precautionary measure granted in 2018.”

Acosta reported that Prieto will be prosecuted for the crimes of “terrorist financing”, “hate promotion” and “association to commit crimes”.

Regarding the case, the NGO Foro Penal indicated in its Twitter account that Prieto will be held in the dependencies of the Special Actions Forces (FAES), a unit of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) whose dissolution was demanded by the high commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, for human rights violations.

In addition to Prieto, student Deiby Johan Jaimes and William Correia were also charged with the same crimes during the court session, who were arrested along with the deputy this week.

Last Tuesday, Prieto was detained along with fellow opposition MPs Zandra Castillo and Ángel Torres, who were released after spending several hours at a FAES headquarters.

Deputy Prieto has been in prison for four years, as has deputy Gilber Caro, both from the Popular Will party, led by Leopoldo López.

Regarding Prieto’s arrest, on Thursday the German government expressed its “concern” about the “systematic attacks against the National Assembly” of Venezuela and demanded the “immediate release” of Prieto and of the also parliamentarians Juan Requesens, Gilber Caro and Ismael Lion.

“The new arrest of Venezuelan deputy Renzo Prieto is the latest example of systematic attacks against the National Assembly, the last democratically legitimized state power in Venezuela,” the German government commissioner for Human Rights and Aid Policy said in a statement. Humanitarian, Bärbel Kofler.


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