Venezuelan opponents ask at the UN headquarters in Caracas for a visit to Bachelet

Venezuelan opponents ask at the UN headquarters in Caracas for a visit to Bachelet

A group of relatives of political prisoners and opposition leaders asked today at the United Nations headquarters in Caracas to announce the date on which the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, will visit Venezuela as established by the agency.

The group, led by the opposition deputy Gilbert Caro and Lilian Tintori, wife of imprisoned leader Leopoldo López, was posted today and for the second time this month at the entrance of the UN headquarters in Caracas to demand this visit that was approved by the agency last September 27.

Tintori said that the organizers in Venezuela informed him that preparations are being made for Bachelet to "verify in person the human rights violations" in the oil country.

"It has to happen because it is not a request from Venezuelans, it is a resolution already given in the Human Rights Council, we are all giving our best to get out of this dictatorship," the opposition told journalists.

He also added that at the gates of the United Nations the group of relatives also demands "the full freedom of all political prisoners."

However, he said: "We know that all Venezuelans who are in Venezuela are prisoners, and that is why it is already an international issue, that is why it is already a requirement before the United Nations (...) we are not going to move from the UN until they give us a conclusive answer of when is the date in which the high commissioner will arrive ".

The deputy Gilbert Caro, who was also imprisoned for a year and a half despite being a parliamentarian, added that in Venezuela Fernando Alban Councilor died while he was in the custody of the intelligence service and that "there is still no verification of what happened there "and" there are no culprits ".

And underlining this case, he requested the presence of Bachelet to verify not only the alleged violations of human rights to politicians deprived of liberty and their families who live "with uncertainty" and "do not sleep."

He also asked the UN to verify what happens in the country: "Until when our people have to suffer for gasoline, for food, food, health."


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