Venezuelan nurses denounce destitutions and anomalies in hospitals

Venezuelan nurses denounce destitutions and anomalies in hospitals

The president of the College of Nurses of Caracas, Ana Rosario Contreras, today denounced the dismissal of several of her colleagues who participated in the protests that have been held since last June in several states of the country demanding better wages and denouncing multiple irregularities in the sector.

Contreras said at a press conference that health workers who still remain in their jobs have been "strongly attacked" by representatives of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) who allegedly have used any excuse to kick the employees .

He said that only by arriving late at the work site "eight professionals have been dismissed at the Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital in Caracas."

He also indicated that twelve others were dismissed in the state of Lara (west) and that "they also forcibly resigned Jennifer Serpa" in his charge at the hospital where she worked for "being one of the leaders" of the protests. In this state.

According to her, Serpa was threatened with taking her "prey".

He also said that he has reports of "impeachment proceedings" against his colleagues in states such as Trujillo (west) and Vargas (center), while in Táchira (west) the crisis situation in the country has led a nurse to take care of serve four units of services with capacity for 40 patients each area.

Likewise, he indicated that on December 10, in the José Gregorio Hernández hospital of the Magallanes de Catia, located in the west of Caracas, another irregularity was registered because the nurses of that health center were denied access to the hospital. syringes to place treatment.

He indicated that the nurses had not been able to treat 85 patients for two days, five of them had "critical conditions" due to lack of syringes, while in the warehouse managed by the secretary and the director of the hospital, there were "66,000" injectors.

"We want to request a disciplinary inquiry against Dr. Juan Carlos Marcano, director of the hospital Magallanes de Catia and the head of the deposit because it put at risk the lives of patients who for two days could not be administered their treatment," he said. .

Contreras asked the Office of the Prosecutor, the Ombudsman and the Ministry of Health to investigate this situation and claimed to have proof of the complaint.

He also urged hospital users to set up "committees" to demand that the directors of these centers show deposits to confirm how much material they have.

The nurse, who called the entire nursing union on June 25 to protest the lack of medical supplies and low wages, also demanded that the Government explain where the donations made by the Pan American Health Organization have been to address the serious crisis in the country.

Public hospitals in Venezuela have been living for years a difficult situation that has worsened in the last year in the midst of the deepening economic crisis, as some have collapsed structures, water and light failures, equipment and lack of medicines and materials doctors


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