Venezuelan Justice dictates preventive detention to 40 people for failed attack

The Venezuelan Justice ordered preventive detention for 40 people for its connection to the failed maritime attack two weeks ago in which, according to the Government, 8 people died and another 45 were arrested, the Supreme Court of Justice reported on Saturday.

In a statement issued by the institution with the names and surnames of those affected by the precautionary measure, there are no Airan Berry and Luke Denman, two former US military detainees, whose procedural status was not provided by the source.

Both had identification of the military contractor Silvercorp, a company with which the strategist Juan José Rendón signed, until last week advisor to the opposition Juan Guaidó, for those attacks, although he explained that he finally did not give them the “green light” and Guaidó did not sign it.

In the list issued by the Court, in addition to the two Americans, three more names are missing to complete the 45 people that the Executive claimed to have detained.


One of those who will remain in preventive detention is Captain Antonio Sequeda, a former member of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), accused of the crimes of intentional homicide qualified in a degree of frustration in the person of President Nicolás Maduro, treason, trafficking illicit weapons of war, terrorism and association to commit crimes.

Another of the participants, Josnars Adolfo Baduel, will also obtain preventive detention accused of the crimes of terrorism, association for crime and treason.

According to the Executive, Baduel was already a fugitive from Justice, after having participated in “two or three coup attempts” between the years 2018 and 2019.

This defendant is the son of Raúl Baduel, a general who was an ally of Hugo Chávez, considered the architect of his return to the Presidency after the coup that overthrew him for 48 hours in April 2002, former Minister of Defense between 2006 and 2007. In 2009 was sent to prison after being accused of corruption.


Most of the detainees were issued the measure for “the alleged commission of crimes of treason, rebellion and conspiracy with a foreign government (…) illicit trafficking in weapons of war and association,” according to the document. .

Another of the accused is charged with the crime of “financing terrorism”.

All must remain in prison until the corresponding courts decide the date on which the judicial process will begin with the preliminary hearing, in which it will be known if they go to the next phase, which would determine, individually, the penalties to be paid by the facts imputed to them.


Cilia Flores, wife of President Maduro, affirmed this week that the opposition leader Juan Guaidó was “in the forefront” of the failed maritime attacks and assured that “he is not saved from it.”

However, the Prosecutor’s Office has not yet issued an order against him in this case, despite the fact that, since the attacks occurred, the Government has shown incriminating evidence.

Guaidó, recognized by more than 50 countries as the president in charge of Venezuela, has at least four investigations opened by Justice.

He also has different measures against him, such as the ban on leaving the country, something that he broke earlier this year, when he started an international tour where he was, among other countries, in the United States and Spain.


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