August 12, 2020

Venezuelan feminists join world protest "A rapist on your way"

Dozens of feminists in Venezuela joined the global protest "A rapist in your way" on Friday to call the attention of the authorities of the Caribbean country to act against the crimes of femicide for which 554 cases are counted in the last two years, according to the prosecution.

The women, followers of the ruling Chavism and mostly young people, chanted and danced the song in an emblematic area of ​​Caracas known as Plaza Venezuela.

They also made a contribution to the song by chanting, as a whole, "we don't want more femicides or trafficking or exploitation. We want in revolution, we want the institution to respond."

The demonstration was sabotaged for a few minutes by a couple of people who appeared in the costumes of the series "The House of Paper."

Some of the women who participated in the protest went after the disguised people without reaching them.

The journalist Ana Maneiro, 54, who participated in the protest despite having a motor disability, told Efe that when she was between 22 and 23 years old she was a victim of sexual abuse and that she supported the demonstration to encourage young women to report.

He indicated that what they were trying to express with this is that there is a "structural violence" against women.

"This goes beyond how I was dressed, or if I went out at that time of night, or I was not accompanied, but there is already a violence of the system, this is a patriarchal system (…) part of what we have to to fight is to eliminate that patriarchal system, "he added.

The choreography "A rapist on your way" was devised by a Chilean collective and turned viral last week.

"The patriarchate is a judge who judges us for being born and our punishment is the violence that you do not see," says the first stanza of the theme composed of the interdisciplinary collective of women The Thesis, originally from the Chilean city of Valparaíso.

The choreography has been replicated in different parts of the world such as London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Santo Domingo, Mexico City, Bogotá, Guatemala and New York.

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