Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Venezuelan electoral power defends its "armored" suffrage process

Venezuelan electoral power defends its "armored" suffrage process

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela (CNE) today made a new defense to its "armored" suffrage process, just hours from the elections in which this Sunday will be elected 2,459 councilors of the country's municipal chambers, and in the middle of the distrust of a sector of the opposition.

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"The important thing is to say, again, that this process is shielded with the participation of the organizations, with the audit process, that you do not see it in the world (...), there is no electoral process as audited as the Venezuelan" , said Tania D 'Amelio, rector of the CNE, in an interview with state television VTV.

In this regard, he noted that this Saturday will be "the audit number 11" of the automated voting process in Venezuela, which has in total 15 of these tests.

D 'Amelio also said that during the last simulation, which he described as "a mini-vote," the electoral branch was able to confirm "the proper functioning" of the entire process, which includes data collection, transmission and aggregation.

He also stressed that a delegation of the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America (Ceela) will observe these elections that, due to their local character, "do not have" a large accompaniment apparatus.

However, a sector of the Venezuelan opposition will not go to the elections because they consider them a "farce" without guarantees, because they have reservations about the impartiality of the CNE, an organ they accuse of being at the service of the Executive of President Nicolás Maduro.

In this group are two of the main opposition political parties, such as Primero Justicia -the two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles- and Voluntad Popular, from imprisoned leader Leopoldo López.

These parties, like Accion Democrática and Un Nuevo Tiempo, are disqualified for failing to participate in the presidential elections of May 20 because they were considered fraudulent.

But D 'Amelio said today that almost 50 political organizations will participate in these elections - in which almost 21 million people are called to the polls - among them 11 "that do not converge" with the platform led by the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela. (Psuv)


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