July 25, 2021

Venezuelan based in Mexico wins contest on freedom of expression

The Venezuelan based in Mexico Daniel Rafael Centeno Perdomo won the contest # express yourself of the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) with the photograph “Bozal de arepa”, which reflects “masterfully”, according to the jury, “the lack of freedom and famine of basic food “in Venezuela.

The SIP announced the winner’s name on Wednesday during the SIPConnect 2020 conference, which takes place virtually this week.

In arguing about his inspiration to create “Muzzle of arepa”, Centeno Perdomo explained that “having a muzzle of arepa implies giving up your freedom in exchange for having the arepa (bread) on the table”, which means “blackmail, a duress. ”

“Today, Venezuelans are going through a serious humanitarian crisis, food and fundamental rights are equally scarce. We are conditioned to eat only what the regime provides, who does not hesitate to suspend the supply to citizens who publicly express their dissent or opposition to their repressive policies, “he added.

Centeno Perdomo, who is also a writer and lives in Mexico, was one of the hundreds of people who submitted their photographic and video proposals to the # express yourself contest.

The contest and an eponymous campaign are aimed at raising awareness about the rights and duties of users, media, journalists, digital platforms and governments in the digital age that is included in the Declaration of Salta, approved in 2018.

The president of the IAPA Subcommittee on Salta, Laura Puertas, of Medcom (Panama), said that the jury chose “Bozal de arepa” as the winner of the contest for sublimely interpreting the essence of what the disruption of freedom of expression and of the press and its unfortunate effect on our societies. “

IAPA President Christopher Barnes of The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited (Jamaica) congratulated Centeno Perdomo as “the first winner of the contest” and thanked “everyone who participated for the commitment to freedom of expression and the quality that they managed to capture in their works “.

The first prize included the transfer of Centeno Perdomo to Miami to participate in SIPConnect, but since the conference was held virtually due to the pandemic, the winner received the equivalent of the trip in monetary form.

The contest was developed by the SIP with the support of Hitsbook and was under the strategic direction of the digital marketing company DSGN in Miami.

Centeno Perdomo is also a writer of short stories, children’s literature, poetry and mini-stories.

The IAPA is a non-profit entity dedicated to the defense and promotion of freedom of the press and of expression in the Americas and made up of more than 1,300 publications.


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