Venezuela investigates the suicide of a councilman, but his party denounces murder

Venezuela investigates the suicide of a councilman, but his party denounces murder

The Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office reported today that Councilman Fernando Albán, arrested for the attack against President Nicolás Maduro, committed suicide at the headquarters of the Intelligence Service (Sebin) and that he opened an investigation into the incident, but his party, Primero Justicia (PJ), he denounced a murder.

The attorney general, Tarek Saab, said that Albán, imprisoned on Friday when he arrived in Venezuela from the United States, committed suicide by launching himself from the tenth floor of the Intelligence Service (Sebin) in downtown Caracas when he was going to be transferred to court.

According to the prosecutor, Albán requested to go to the bathroom "and being there he threw himself into the void".

"The causes for what he did are going to clarify them in all their magnitudes," he said, while reporting that he appointed "two national prosecutors" to open a "comprehensive investigation."

For his part, Interior Minister Néstor Reverol said on Twitter that Albán was "in the waiting room" of the headquarters of the Sebin and "was launched through a window of the facilities, falling into the void."

He added that "a multidisciplinary team" is carrying out the investigation "together with the Public Ministry to clarify this unfortunate event".

The First Justice party has rejected the statements of the Office of the Prosecutor, alleging that the councilman was a person of "deep Christian values", so he said in a statement that the politician was "murdered by the regime of Nicolás Maduro" .

The organization demanded "the truth of things" and pointed out "that this painful situation demonstrates the worst of the dictatorship: a system of death that penetrates the conscience of those who defend freedom in VENEZUELA."

Also, the lawyer of the councilor, Joel Garcia, criticized the prosecutor has indicated to "a priori" that it was "a suicide" and noted that this only "indicates the bias" that the inquiries will have.

The jurist stressed that "anyone who is deprived of their liberty is under the orders and care of the State" while remembering that this Sunday he visited his client and that he was calm and without a scratch, but that he had information about that had been subjected to pressures.

For his part, the leader of PJ, the opposition deputy Julio Borges, exiled in Colombia and also accused of the attack on Maduro, said in a video on Twitter that the information of the death of Albán "ran like rumors from the morning."

"I spoke with his wife (...) and he told me that all the people who spoke with him yesterday saw him strong, solid, with conviction, he said that they were pressing him to incriminate a whole number of people with the subject of the assassination and today we see the result of that, "he added in the audiovisual material.

PJ also reported that the government wanted to incinerate the body of the council to hide the evidence of "murder", but minutes later reported that the body was delivered to their families "without minimal forensic procedures and blocking the way to the truth."

The death of the councilman has also provoked the reaction of the different leaders and parties of the Venezuelan opposition, such as the two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, also a PJ militant, who pointed out that those who knew the councilman know "that he could NEVER have acted against his life. "

The Vente Venezuela party of María Corina Machado; Voluntad Popular (VP) by Leopoldo López; A New Time (UNT) of the President of Parliament, Omar Barboza; the Cause R of the leader Andrés Velásquez and others have expressed their condolences to the relatives of the councilor and have requested an investigation for this fact of which the Government is held responsible.

In addition, the Parliament will promote an independent investigation and this Tuesday will treat the case "as a single point of the agenda".

Albán's party denounced a government campaign that seeks to criminalize it and that already includes accusations against several of its leaders, such as deputy Juan Requesens, who was also arrested on August 7 accused of participating in the attack against Maduro.


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