March 8, 2021

Venezuela denounces another incursion of an American spy plane

Venezuela denounced on Saturday another incursion into its airspace of an American spy plane, the third of which it reports this month, and said that this violation constituted a "frank offense" to the country and the world.

"Once again spy planes (from) the US unduly enter FIR (flight information region) under the control of our country, violating aeronautical safety and international treaties," said the Strategic Operational Command (CEO) of the Force Venezuelan Navy on your Twitter account.

"The United States continues in frank offense to our country and the world. Respect this people, who together with the Armed Forces want peace," the CEO added in the same message.

According to the complaint, the radar systems of Venezuela detected at 09.40 local time (13.40 GMT) an American aircraft model EP-3E.

The authorities tried to make contact with the device, which did not respond and flew over the airspace that Venezuela controls in the Maiquetía FIR, where the main terminal of the country is located and which serves Caracas, for 3 hours and 10 minutes, traveling 60 nautical miles .

Last Monday, Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez said that in the last three months American spy planes have made 78 incursions into Venezuelan airspace -167 in total this 2019, he said-, and that these violations have "been increased "since last January, when the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, proclaimed an interim government.

The Southern Command of the United States denied a week ago the first raid that Venezuela denounced this month, and said its plane "was carrying out a recognized and approved mission in international airspace over the Caribbean Sea."

Venezuela and the United States maintain strained relations practically since the arrival of Chavism in power, in 1999, but the tension intensified last January, when the Trump administration recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president, as did 53 other nations. .

This recognition of Guaidó is part of the American initiative that started almost six months ago to evict Maduro, who the Trump administration has asked on numerous occasions to step aside and call for "free and transparent" elections .

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