February 27, 2021

Venezuela criticizes Colombia for rejecting aid to stop the pandemic

The executive vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, criticized this Sunday the “contempt and the little attention” that the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has “for the right to health”, referring to the president’s refusal to receive machines of COVID-19 screening offered by Nicolás Maduro.

“Duque refuses to receive the machines donated by Nicolás Maduro, a donation to the brother people of Colombia. This will enter into the inexplicable cases of contemporary history. It is revealing of Duque’s contempt and little attention towards Colombia, of the little care by the right to health, “Rodríguez said during a television intervention.

The Venezuelan president offered Colombia last Tuesday the donation of two kits of Chinese origin for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus, a decision he made taking “considering that in Colombia there is only one machine for testing.”

The Government criticized the management of Colombia in the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and explained that there has been an “exponential growth” of cases, which currently has more than 1,400 affected and 35 deaths.

As reported by the executive vice president, Venezuela adds 159 cases and 7 deaths this Sunday due to COVID-19.


Rodríguez criticized the “policies of xenophobia, repudiation and rejection of Venezuelan migrants found in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador,” and stated that many fellow citizens are returning to Venezuela.

“We are receiving the return of many compatriots. They have already started to return. We have monitoring devices, we fill out a medical form for all those who return and they must have a mandatory quarantine for two weeks,” said the vice president while an operation was shown on screen. in the state of Táchira, on the border with Colombia.

Rodríguez said that these Venezuelan migrants “were thrown onto the street, thrown out of their homes” and that “they have arrived on foot” from their former places of residence to Venezuela.

He indicated that the Executive has requested the intervention of the United Nations (UN) for the management of this entry of nationals, although he did not give more details.

The vice president announced that the “We are Venezuela movement” has been activated to provide care to returnees with “missions and major missions” (government social programs).

“So that they feel welcome and immediately enter the protection system of the Bolivarian revolution. We give them the attention they are justly entitled to,” said the vice president.


Rodríguez stressed that although the difference in infections between Venezuela and other countries “is abysmal”, that cannot mean a call “for tranquility, but for discipline.”

“In our continent is the main epicenter country (of the pandemic -USA). (In addition) Venezuela is a neighboring country of Brazil, where irrational positions of President Jair Bolsonaro have had an exponential curve where the number of infections has proliferated , just like with sister Colombia, who has a high number of infections, “he said.


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