Venezuela challenges covid-19 to celebrate carnival

Caracas, Feb 15 (EFE) .- Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets in the last three days challenging the covid-19 pandemic to celebrate the carnival that the Government defends as "safe", provided that the measures are taken prevention of the virus that has left more than a thousand deaths in the country, according to official figures.

Nicolás Maduro's Administration relaxed the confinement during these days and even extended it until Wednesday 17, despite the fact that the quarantine easing corresponded to next week, according to the scheme that applies and that consists of seven days of closure followed by another seven opening.

Maduro made the decision, as he did in December, to ease the quarantine these days so that Venezuelans could celebrate the parties in parks, spas, cinemas, theaters or shopping centers.

Under the slogan of "bioseguros carnivals", the Government promotes recreational events such as baioleterapias, costume contests, small groups, drawing tables or beach games for the enjoyment of its citizens.

It has deployed the police in several regions to monitor compliance with the virus prevention measures, but the incorrect use of masks or the lack of antibacterial gel is a constant in several places, where crowds of people also occur.

According to the citizens themselves, this is because there are people who do not believe in the existence of the virus or because they get tired of using masks.

The citizens consulted by EFE who participate in these activities have positively received Maduro's decision to authorize the relaxation of the quarantine for the carnivals to be held.

"Children have been very locked up lately and this activity for children is spectacular, so that they can be distracted, so that they play, have fun, jump," the young mother Alexandra Guerrero told EFE while she watched her daughter play and enjoy in a source of a busy park in western Caracas.

Guerrero also plans to visit a beach in the neighboring state of La Guaira in the next two days.

For her part, Nelsy Nava, a 60-year-old grandmother, defended that as long as the mask is worn, "anything can be done."

"It all depends on the mentality of the people," Nava said, noting that he had not seen anyone without masks.


But this last opinion is not shared by Rufina Monsalve, who decided to disguise her pet, a four-year-old mongrel dog, from coronavirus to participate in a contest held in another park in the center of the capital city.

He explained that he decided to dress her that way because it is the "fashionable" theme and as a way to promote the use of the mask, because, as he said, "people don't want to wear a mask because they don't believe in it.

Monsalve also carried with him a sign with a message that read: "Don't be another victim, wear a mask."

The Venezuelan Government ensures that the celebration of carnivals is "safe" and at the same time has urged the population to comply with the rules to prevent covid-19.

The opposition has criticized the Maduro government for promoting the celebration of carnivals.

Former opposition deputy Omar González described these celebrations as "reckless" in a country where the Administration "does not equip sentinel hospitals or distribute prevention supplies, nor does it even guarantee access to drinking water to maintain the necessary hygiene levels to cut the chain of transmission of covid-19 ".

In González's opinion, the celebration of carnival in the midst of a pandemic "is the regime's greatest act of recklessness, which tries to continue with its policy of bread and circuses in the midst of a serious situation like the current one."

According to the latest report offered by the Venezuelan Government, since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, 133,218 cases have been registered, of which 6,760 are still active, 1,279 have died and the rest have recovered.

Barbara Agelvis


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