Venezuela and Spain strengthen ties with the Book Fair of the West of Caracas

Venezuela and Spain strengthen ties with the Book Fair of the West of Caracas

Venezuela and Spain today took one more step to strengthen their historical cultural ties with the presence of the Iberian nation as a special guest at the Book Fair of the West of Caracas, which will run until next Sunday at the Catholic University (Ucab) ).

The fair will feature three exhibitions about Spain, as well as a cycle of contemporary cinema and two Spanish writers, Rafael-José Díaz and José María Pérez Zúñiga, who will lead a dozen activities such as talks, conferences and workshops.

Also, the two writers will be part of the tribute that will be paid to the Venezuelan poet Rafael Cadenas, who was awarded last October with the Reina Sofía Ibero-American Poetry Prize.

Díaz is a poet and university professor who has published more than a dozen works among poems, novels, story books, essays and translations.

While Pérez Zúñiga is a university professor and literary narrator, as well as a press writer. To his credit he has novels, story books, poems and essays on law and communication.

The black or police novel and film criticism are part of their interests.

The Spanish ambassador in Venezuela, Jesus Silva Fernandez, said today during the opening of the fair that for his country it is an "honor and a great satisfaction" to be the guest nation.

"Events of this nature are the ideal space for this exchange and dialogue between both nations, Spain and Venezuela share much more than the language and history, the Spanish heritage is wide in all areas, including the cultural one", said Silva Fernández according to a press release from the Ucab.

He added that, in turn, "there are many contributions of Venezuelan culture to the rest of the world."

One of the attractions of the fair will be the traveling exhibition entitled "Miguel EN Cervantes", which offers an approach to the creator of the famous work Don Quixote through illustrations and comics.

Silva Fernandez celebrated that this show arrives in Venezuela after touring several cities around the world, and stressed that Cervantes is "an icon" and a reference in universal literature.

"The traveling exhibition to be presented in the spaces of the university is an excellent opportunity to learn more about his work, about the importance and validity of this representative of universal culture," he said.


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