July 15, 2020

Venezuela adds four deaths and reaches 5,530 cases of COVID-19

Venezuela reached 5,530 cases of COVID-19 on Monday and 48 died from this pandemic, after adding 233 new infected and four deaths in the last 24 hours, reported Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez.

In the daily balance offered by the Government of Nicolás Maduro, the vice president explained that of the total of new cases, 91 are of “community transmission” and 142 “imported”, as the Executive catalogs Venezuelans who return infected from abroad and are retained at land borders.

Of the total “foreign”, he said, 138 are from Colombia, two from Brazil and the other two were spread by “contact with international travelers.”

“We are seriously threatened both by Brazil in the south and by Colombia,” he warned.

“Four compatriots have died in our country,” Rodríguez said after insisting on the appeal to citizens to maintain quarantine because “the coronavirus kills.”

Two of the deaths were registered in the Zulia state (west, bordering Colombia) -one of them, a health worker-, where the main focus of the disease’s spread has been detected and where the virus, so far, has killed the fastest .

The third deceased lived in Falcón state, near Zulia, and was hospitalized for 17 days, while the fourth victim was a resident of Caracas, although details of this case were not reported.

The vice president reported that Zulia registered the highest number of new cases with 24, while Caracas added 13 and its nearby Miranda region 22.

Of the 91 “national” cases, he explained, nearly half are related to outbreaks detected in markets or in companies, such as in the Sucre state (east), where six of the nine infected in the last 24 hours are workers of a processor of fish.

In addition, Rodríguez mentioned that several merchants from Caracas and Lara (west) also became part of the infected list.

Specifically about the Venezuelan capital, he said that he has seen “images that are alarming” in neighborhoods such as Catia, located in the west of the city, where “many crowds” of people are observed and “do not respect physical distancing.”


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