June 23, 2021

Vehicle registrations in the Canary Islands fell 8.6% so far this year – La Provincia

Theenrollmentsfrompassenger carsand SUVs in the Canary Islands remained at 5,821 in the month of November, which is 3.7% less than in the same month of the previous year, while so far this year hasregistereda fall of 8.6%, from 58,190 to 53,207 units, according todatapublished this Monday byAnfac, Faconauto and Ganvam. Nationwide, the enrollment in November was 93,158, 2.3% more, and the cumulative recorded a drop of 5.7%, with 1,152,419 units.

The private channel continues to decline with somesales8.1% lower than the same month of 2018, up to 51,188 units. Hechannelit maintains its downward trend, although it moderates a bit this month; However, this comparison is made with data from November 2018, which were already negative and volumes are not high. This channel is the only one that registers negative figures in November. Companies, meanwhile, achieved a 21% increase in sales, to 35,485 units, and the rental channel grew by 7.1%, to 6,485 units registered.

In November, 17,000 light commercial vehicles were registered, 3.6% less than in the same month last year. The self-employed channel falls strongly 12.3% in the month and the rental channel is the only one that grows, 26.4%, to 1,892 units. Between January and November, the sale of thesevehiclesregisters a growth of 1.1%, with 198,562 units.

Enrollment of industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses has grown 5.6% during November, with 2,707 units. The sales that increase the most are those ofheavy industrial vehicles, with a growth of 18%. In the accumulated year, sales in this segment recovered slightly, with an increase of 1.1% and 26,202 units.

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