June 23, 2021

Vehicle production in Spain grows 0.1% in 2019

Vehicle production in Spanish factories grew 0.1% in 2019, to 2,822,360 units (2,795 more than in 2018), the employer Anfac reported Thursday.

The data breaks a sequence of two consecutive years of declines in terms of production in factories, since 2018 closed with a fall of 1% and 2017 with 1.5% less.

In December, production increased by 21.2% compared to the same month of 2108, to 177,427 vehicles, which allowed to close the year in positive.

The manufacture of passenger cars, which is the segment that involves the bulk of vehicles manufactured in Spain, concluded 2019 with 2,209,497 units, representing a 0.3% decrease in the interannual rate.

This fall has been offset by the manufacturing of light commercial vehicles assigned in 2018 and 2019, as this segment grew 12.3% last year, added to the 7.7% rebound of heavy industrial vehicles.

For Anfac, the 2019 closing data “demonstrates the confidence” that manufacturers have in the Spanish automotive industrial fabric, “assigning vehicles of great commercial success.”

Exports increased 0.2% last year, to 2,310,070 cars.

By 2020, the employers expect “moderate growth” in production, with a number of manufactured vehicles close to 3 million units.

Justify this figure by “the new awards of models and versions announced” during the past year.


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