Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Vehí (CUP) warns that in Congress only "waivers and surrender" can be agreed

The head of the CUP-PR list to the general elections, Mireia Vehí, has lamented this Friday that Congress is not going to do politics or parliamentary fronts but can only agree to resign and surrender, so he insists on going to stand up, reject the "regime" and make it ungovernable.

In the final campaign rally in Sabadell (Barcelona), which has brought together about a hundred people, he said that nothing is earned in Congress: "We learned it on October 1 and we learned it these two weeks. made more two weeks of mobilization than the Government effective in two years. "

He has charged JxCat and has alluded to his candidate, Laura Borràs, who – according to her – has hinted that the CUP was not quite independence: "The tradition of JxCat is that of Mr. Roca and Mr. Pujol, that of Mr. Mas and that of Mr. Duran, that of Mr. Quico Homs and Carles Campuzano. The tradition of the pact and negotiation. How ironic when they begin to outlaw parties with a law passed by them. "

In that sense, he recalled that his formation wants unity to fight against "repression" and to defend the rights of the people, and has affirmed that the government that leaves the general elections of this Sunday will not be a solution of anything because, According to her, the PSOE is not part of the solution, but of the problem.

He has criticized that "the only campaign that has been done in Catalonia has been that of the hosts", and has addressed the PSOE candidate to Congress and acting President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to warn him that they will not invest, but They will fight him, he said verbatim.


The candidate number three of the CUP to the Congress, Eulàlia Reguant, has assured that they would like to be able to say that it is possible to go to the Congress to make a democratic front for the workers, but that it is a scenario "unfeasible and impossible" because, according to her, The PSOE wants the CUP to renounce what they are and also the right to self-determination.

He has again demanded the Minister of Interior, Miquel Buch, that "as long as he does not resign or be dismissed, he has only one job that is to ensure that people vote calmly", so he asks him to remove the Mossos d'Esquadra during Sunday’s election day.

"It is only built outside of Congress and against Congress, and, although it seems contradictory, that is why we present ourselves to Congress, convinced that the only alliance is to work to be ungovernable," he said.

The deputy of the CUP in the Vidal Aragonese Parliament has explained that it is necessary that his proposal is not only a proposal in economist terms but "a clearly democratic, rupture and internationalist independence proposal."

In that sense, he has stressed that, if the independentists lose in the general elections on Sunday, it will also be a defeat for all Spaniards because anti-worker, anti-repressive and anti-liberal policies will come, according to him: "What unites us (with the State ) is not rojigualda, but we are working class. "

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