Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Vegueta receives the second day of Actúa, the festival of music, culture and leisure

The capital of Gran Canaria today hosts the second day of Actúa 2019, the festival of music, culture and leisure. A platform for the promotion of young artists organized by SER Las Palmas and the City Council, which has been held for more than 30 years, is held in the main European capitals.

A festival that promotes local music, culture and art in all disciplines, and offering artists a stage to make themselves known in their city with several simultaneous stages with different artistic proposals and entertainment areas. This Act 2019 today deploys its programming in three scenarios, from 11 am to 2.30 pm: the Planet, located in the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo; Heart, in San Antonio Abad Square; and Isla Fantasía, on Felipe Massieu Street, a space reserved for children's entertainment and storytelling.

Artists and projects such as Sentimiento con Arte, Fabi Boss, El brave little tailor, Acedance, Beatriz La Colorá and New Ending will pass through the Planet stage. In addition, Marilia (O.T.) will be invited, at 11.30; and Swing Star will give a concert at 13.15.

For the Heart scenario, and according to the guideline that the organization manages, the public that approaches the Plaza de San Antonio Abad will be able to discover artists such as Voices Soul Canarias Musical Association, Julie, Adonay, Carlos Bernal and Jesús Monzón.

The Casa de Colón and the Atlantic Center for Modern Art also participate in this initiative.

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