February 25, 2021

Vatican starts examining bones found in ossuaries in the Orlandi case

The Vatican began today the analysis of the thousands of bones that were found in the two ossuaries that were opened in the framework of the investigation to look for possible remains of Emanuela Orlandi, the 15-year-old daughter of a Vatican official and whose disappearance is one of the great mysteries of Italy.

Last Saturday, with the presence of relatives of Emanuela Orlandi, the two ossuaries found under the German cemetery were opened within the walls of the Vatican City and in which thousands of bones were discovered, which will now have to be examined.

The ossuaries were reached after they were opened, and found empty, on July 11 the tombs in which it was believed that Princess Sofia von Hohenlohe, died in 1836, and the adjacent one, of Princess Carlota Federica of Mecklenburg, who died in 1840.

The Orlandi family had indicated to the Vatican that anonymous sources had indicated one of the tombs as the possible place where the rest of the missing girl would be in 1983.

Pietro Orlandi, brother of the young woman, explained today that of the 24 bags of bone remains, the contents of six of them were analyzed today.

The Vatican press office informed reporters that the expert Giovanni Arcudi, assisted by his staff, in the presence of the trusted expert appointed by the Orlandi Family, began the morphological analysis of the findings found in the ossuaries.

"The analysis will be carried out in accordance with internationally recognized protocols, in particular identifying the elements, in the bone structure, useful for diagnosing the dating of the findings," the statement said.

The expert of the Orlandi family, Giorgio Portera, explained that with bone tests it will be possible to determine whether they are from a person killed several tens of years ago or hundreds.

For 36 years the Orlandi family has been looking for answers, especially in the Vatican, which until now had refused to open any type of investigation, about what happened to Emanuela when on June 22, 1983, she disappeared without a trace after leaving her class of flute at the San Apolinar music school in Rome.

The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, one of the great mysteries of Italy, has always been surrounded by mystery and theories, from the involvement of men from the Vatican curia, to the Banda de la Magliana (the Mafia of Rome) or the relationship with the attack on Pope John Paul II by the Turkish Ali Agca.

In 2012, the family requested an investigation when unidentified bone remains were found next to the tomb in the basilica of San Apolinar de Enrico De Pedis, head of the "Banda de la Magliana", the Mafia of Rome during the 70s and 80.

A few months ago, the discovery of bones in the basement of the nunciature of the Holy See in Rome also caused the case to be discussed again, but it was finally determined that they were prior to 1964.

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