Vasile accuses Competition of unjustified oppression on generalist TV

Vasile accuses Competition of unjustified oppression on generalist TV

The CEO of Mediaset Spain, Paolo Vasile, has warned the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) that not only televisions generate content and has accused it of tightening its controls over generalist chains until turning them into " unjustified oppression. "

In his speech on Wednesday before the Board of Shareholders of the group, Vasile has considered that the "real enemy" in this sector is "discrimination derived from asymmetry" by judging with a "different meter" subjects that coexist in a "same" competitive environment".

"The asymmetric referee is the enemy, the one who thinks and acts with us as if we lived in the times of the Inquisition, and with others, with our new competitors, as if they were in a world without rules or limits," he criticized.

Without explicitly mentioning the CNMC, Vasile blames the "asymmetric arbitrator" for not having realized that currently "the world of content and advertising" does not fall only on the television market, but on the audiovisual market in all the variants that have been developed in recent years.

"The sudden flowering of such a vast supply of content will have been unforeseen, yes … but not invisible, and yet it seems that the referee has not realized (…) Moreover, it hardens to an implausible level its controls over the generalist television, transforming the necessary mechanisms of regulation into unjustified oppression, "he asserted.

The group's president, Alejandro Echevarría, who has advocated a "harmonization" of the obligations imposed on the audiovisual media, has also referred to the regulatory context.

As he has stressed, it does not make sense that the chains are subject to "the strictest controls" when "day by day" the Internet grows in a context of "total impunity".

"There is no protection of minors, no control of advertising in quantitative and qualitative terms, there is no obligation to invest in cinema, no obligation to finance Spanish Radio Television, or to pay taxes in Spain, you will say if such unequal rules make any sense ", Echevarría asked himself.


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