September 26, 2020

Varufakis delivers the recordings of the Eurogroup to the Greek Parliament in 2015

The former Greek Finance Minister and MeRA25 party leader Yanis Varufakis delivered this Friday to the President of the Parliament, Konstandinos Tasulas, the controversial recordings he made at the Eurogroup in the critical first half of 2015.

“The lies about what happened in 2015 are used today against workers. That is why we will take away the right to lie about what happened in the Eurogroup,” Varufakis said in his speech during a parliamentary debate on labor policy.

The MeRA25 leader added that the recording of the sessions was “completely legitimate” because the representatives of the troika of international creditors “wanted to humiliate not only the left, but the entire Hellenic people.”

Varufakis gave the president the recordings and asked him to share them with the other deputies.

However, Tasulas rejected the recordings and returned them to Varufakis. The president of the Chamber called his idea “inadmissible” and added that “if someone wants to make public the content of recordings he made in secret, do it himself and under his own responsibility.”

Although his struggle for transparency in the high institutional spheres was a major factor in his rise as a political icon, the revelation that Varufakis had secretly recorded the Eurogroup meetings he attended was a great scandal, both at European and in Greece.

The Eurogroup rules do not prevent the recording of meetings, although it is assumed that the participants will maintain confidentiality about them.

At first, Varufakis denied having recorded the sessions, but later acknowledged having done so in an entry in his personal blog.

He said he had done so to report “with the exact phrases” to the Prime Minister, the Government team and the Parliament.

“I often record my interventions and responses on my mobile phone, especially when I improvise them,” he said.

Later, the transcription of the recordings also served as the basis for the writing of Varufakis’ book “Behaving as adults” and the film “Adults in the room”, by director Costa-Gavrás.

In a statement, MeRA25 said that the decision of the President of Parliament “confirms that the opacity wall of the Eurogroup has been and will continue to be convenient for many, while the truth and transparency are scary.”


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