Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Varane, the first outing of Zidane's Real Madrid?

Varane, the first outing of Zidane's Real Madrid?

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Varane is in all the rumors. It is suggested that he may be the first to leave the team because he considers that his cycle is over. However, Zidane has defended him: "I do not want a Real Madrid without Varane," Zidane said, referring to the information surrounding the French club in recent weeks: "He is a young player who has many good years left and is doing well", he added.

Zidane did not hide that Varane has not addressed him to communicate his desire to leave and said that this is the key point if the defender really wants to leave the club.

"He has not said anything about that Varane and I want him to stay", he assured the French media in his last response." They leave many things to say that they are upset, but they are things in the lives of the players. I see it well, he did not say anything to me and the important thing is what he says to me and at the moment he knows that he is in the best club in the world and has won many things. I see it well, "he said. The center was a suggestion from the French coach to Madrid when he acted as a counselor and maybe it was one of the most profitable signings of the white team, a young center, with quality and that has been growing.

This has not been his best season because the victory of the World Cup with France left him exhausted, little by little he has been recovering his best version. If he leaves, Madrid refers to the termination clause, which is 500 million. But if you want to go, it could cost more than 100 million in the market.


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