Vara defends that the data on deceased provided by Extremadura is "very close to reality"

The President of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has defended that the data of deaths by Covid-19 in the region is "very close to reality", because the community reports the deaths "with absolute transparency".

"As for us, from minute one, we have counted it the same, we all the deceased that we have had, have been in the hospital or in the residence, if we have confirmation that it has been by Covid we have incorporated it, We have counted it as a case, "he said this Friday in an interview on Radio Almendralejo, collected by Europa Press.

For this reason, he insisted that when the accounts are done and the difference between the number of deaths in the month of March and April with which there was last year is seen, the result "will have to be the sum of those who have died in hospitals , those who have died in residences plus those who have died at home. "

Thus, and in relation to the people who have died at their homes, Fernández Vara has indicated that in the case of Extremadura it is "very difficult" that the circumstance that they have died by Covid occurs without being aware, since care Primary is "very close to each and every case."

Along these lines, Vara has recognized that some communities, in the meetings between the regional presidents, had admitted that they were not giving the data on the deaths outside the hospitals.

"Now they want to blame the government, but the government is not to blame for the accounts that have been made by some autonomous communities," said the autonomous president.

Asked about the data provided this past Thursday by the Superior Court of Justice of Extremadura (TSJEx) on the formalization of burial licenses in civil registries, which amount to 1,275 between March 14 and April 7, Vara explained that if one month of March usually dies between 900 and 1,000 if to that number you add the deceased by Covid "those are the figures they give".


In this line, and asked about the criticism between parties because of the death toll from coronavirus, Vara has remarked that he does not know what "we are playing".

"I do not know if anyone believes that from this tremendous reality in which we are, someone is going to win," he assured, adding that the "entire Spanish political class is going to have to leave when this crisis passes."

"You have to hug, you have to hug to be able to rebuild and put this country back on its feet," he said.


Likewise, and asked Fernández Vara by a listener about the high percentage of deaths in the region by Covid-19 who were users of nursing homes compared to those of other regions, the President has assured that there are autonomous communities that until "before yesterday" they have not reported the deaths in those centers.

"We from minute one are giving all the data we have, both in hospitals and in residences, what we cannot do is give the data we do not have, which is if someone has died at home and their GP has signed the certificate - not including said cause - ", he stated.

For this reason, the regional executive leader has insisted that these latter cases are going to be "the exception, not the rule, much less," he said.


Also, and to questions about the criticism of the President of the PP of Extremadura in this regard, Vara has stated that he will not "agree with those who have stopped believing in politics." "I still believe in it," he added.

"This cannot be a battle of good and bad, of continuous aggression and permanent outbursts. I will keep the bridges intact because I believe that in the future we will have to understand each other. I believe that, if they have to fulfill their Opposition work, they do well and I respect it, but I am not going to go into the thick and thin because that baffles the public a lot, "he asserted.

Likewise, and asked by another listener about whether the regional Executive is considering taking any kind of legal action against Monago for his claims about the death toll, Vara has said that "there are things he would never do and one of them is that".

"I do not want to respond to the shots with shots because we are going to have to understand each other," he remarked, in addition to insisting that the citizens "will never forgive if they see us wasting our useless discussions."


Regarding the situation of the pandemic, Fernández Vara has defended that "there are elements for hope." "I always run away from complacency and from being optimistic, I believe that you have to be realistic from minute one and there are elements for hope and a fundamental one has to do with the decrease in the number of hospitalized and the number of ICU patients "he pointed out.

At the same time, he acknowledged that there is "immense pain that nothing cures him", which is the number of deaths, although he added that he hopes that "as soon as possible we can have a change in trend."

In addition, he pointed out that many more tests are currently being done as a result of the arrival of the rapids, which are not changing the proportions, he said, but they are causing new cases to appear.


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