Vara assures that the parliamentary commission agreed between Sánchez and Casado "forces" that there be agreements

Fernández Vara has spoken in this way in an interview on Tuesday in Radio Capital's 'El Balance' program, collected by Europa Press, about the agreement reached last Monday between Sánchez and Casado to convert the country's reconstruction table after the Covid-19 crisis in a newly created parliamentary committee.

In his speech, the Extremaduran socialist leader explained the "feeling of joy" he had upon learning of the agreement between Sánchez and Casado, after which he pointed out that "he would not have understood that a table would have come from which the PP had not was ".

In any case, it has warned that this agreement to change the method "compels", since "the opposition has imposed the method on the Government, in exchange for the opposition assuming that there must be agreements, and there must be ", he has reaffirmed.

For this reason, "the stronger the capacity for understanding among those who have built the last 40 years of life in this country, the easier it will be for it to be maintained over time," the Extremadura president has reaffirmed.

"I trust that there are agreements, is that they owe us," said the Extremaduran socialist leader, who has asserted that "this generation of politicians must be told that they owe this country an agreement," he said.


The Extremaduran socialist leader has raised the need to be able to get out of this health crisis "at least with some agreement of a new fraternity that allows us to understand each other", for which he has highlighted the need for the current generation of politicians "to be aware of how much we are playing. "

Vara has asserted that in the current situation "it is a clamor" that politicians must agree, after which he has defended that there are "things in common", among which he has cited the Spanish Constitution "that we all did", thus like the years of development, or the autonomic construction.

At this point, the Extremaduran president has pointed out that after this coronavirus crisis "there will be no winners or losers", for which he asserted that "at the moment we cannot have a shirt, the only shirt must be that of Spain, and the rest are all left over, "he said.

Finally, Fernández Vara has defended the need to "before talking about the model of regional financing in Spain, we must talk about what kind of health we want to have", something that he has said has become evident with this health crisis.


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