Vara asks Extremadurans to exercise extreme caution in phase 1 to continue advancing: "Please, let's not take it"

"Please, let's not take it," said the regional president, in a press conference after the presidents' conference this Sunday, prior to the day in which the community will experience new relief in the confinement measures of the population.

For this reason, he has asked citizens to continue doing it as "well" as up to now in order to continue advancing in the phases, and he reminded them that the freedom they recover this Sunday to move does not mean that they have to leave home. "at all hours". "You have to do it wisely, you have to be patient and gradually increase your activity," he said.

In his opinion, we are facing "one of the most difficult moments" of the crisis, while until now "collective responsibility has weighed heavily", but as of this Monday it will be "individual responsibility" that determines the evolution of the pandemic.

However, he said that he trusts people not to "retrace the path" until now, and that it has been "very expensive", referring to the number of deaths left by Covid-19 in the region, 480 according to the latest balance published this Sunday.

Vara also believes that this responsibility of each one that allows the epidemic to be left behind would be "the best tribute" to both the deceased and those who have "turned heads" in the fight against the coronavirus. For this reason, he has asked Extremadurans to take care of themselves, to preserve hygienic measures, social distance and to use the mask in public spaces "whenever possible", although it is not mandatory.


Regarding the fight against the virus, he pointed out that the community is in a situation regarding the number of new positives that allows monitoring "case by case" of the contacts of each patient, since they are "a controllable number" by the Primary Care staff who, from now on, have insisted, will take a greater role in keeping the pandemic at bay.

"We are prepared to face new cases," said Vara, who stressed that Extremadura has twice the number of sanitary areas that would correspond to it according to its population, and that all are "well equipped", which allows addressing " with some calm "this new phase.


On the other hand, Vara has indicated that he has proposed to the President of the Government that agreements be established with the local administration through the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Femp) in order to promote measures that favor the conciliation of workers that little Little by little they are joining their jobs with no alternatives to leave their children because there are no classroom classes.

Some reconciliation plans that Vara wants to deal directly with Fempex and with the provincial councils throughout this week, and which, as it has advanced, would consist of the launch of "alternative activities" where minors can spend "a few hours "


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