May 26, 2020

Vara asks "diligence" to the deputies who are elected to have a "yes or yes" Government in two months

"There has to be a government before Christmas," said Fernández Vara, who has insisted that "politics cannot fail the Spaniards" and, therefore, the Congress of Deputies that comes out of the elections tonight "has to establish a very fixed idea, "which is that Spain" needs a government and has to have a government. "

In statements to journalists after voting in Olivenza (Badajoz), he has made a final call to the participation of citizens in these general elections that come at a time of "great challenges as a country and with great challenges as civilization", in relation to climate change, emigration or the demographic issue, which are "issues to which politics has to contribute to solving".

Thus, he pointed out that Spain needs "a lot" that the Spaniards, but "especially the leaders, get the best" of themselves in order to seek "concord, unity, agreements" and to "try to reach the lost consensus ".

Regarding the participation, and given the signs that it is lower than in the April elections, he has indicated that both elections are held at different times of the year, so he has asked to wait to see how the day progresses, taking into account that in points of Spain it is cold and this can affect when going to the polling stations. In any case, he has again appealed to participation: "if one does not vote, someone will vote for him," he warned.

The President of Extremadura, who will spend the electoral day with his family at his home in Olivenza, has finally highlighted, and asked about the course of the elections in Catalonia, which he hopes will develop normally because that is what Spain needs, he said, because the country has "got used to living in exceptionality".

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