Vara appeals to recover "lost consensus" and defends the Constitution of 78

Vara appeals to recover "lost consensus" and defends the Constitution of 78

The president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has appealed this Sunday to the political class to "recover the lost consensus", has opted for a Spain "in which everyone has its place and find its place" and the Constitution of 1978 and the unity of Spain.

In the traditional New Year Message, Fernandez Vara has said that it is "absolutely essential" to meet because "only if we are able to understand that we can sit around a table and see what we agree on instead of what we disagree, we will find the recipe for the solution of the problems that affect Spain and Extremadura. "

Therefore, "with all the humility but also with all the forcefulness", has appealed to the whole political class to be aware that now more than ever "it is necessary to find what we share, to recover the lost consensus and be able to respond to the needs that citizens are demanding of us at this time. "

"I hope that it is the Spanish Constitution, the one that in 1978 brought together a series of Spaniards and Spaniards around a common principle, that of concord, and another that King Felipe VI remembered a few days ago, that of coexistence Concord and coexistence, coexistence and harmony, I believe that this is where the keys to the future of our beloved country lie, "he said.

In his opinion, "Pau Gasol and José Manuel Calderón are not from different countries" and "there can not be a possible border between Espronceda and Josep Pla or between Salvador Espriu and Manuel Pacheco", so we must be able to understand that the plurality and diversity are an opportunity, "but not at the expense of opening borders that lead absolutely nothing".

The Extremaduran chief executive has claimed the 1978 Constitution, the unity of Spain and that "national sovereignty resides in the people, from which emanate all powers, which is the indivisible and indissoluble homeland of all Spaniards and Spaniards."

Fernández Vara has started by remembering the young Zamora Laura Luelmo, in whose figure she has symbolized all the women murdered by the male violence and has advocated working on the plane of equality to end this scourge, while praising the family as "the vault key" of society.

He also referred to immigration, since there will always be people in other places who do not have the same opportunities "and who dreams of hugging a tire in the Mediterranean to have some life project".

Fernández Vara has finished demanding that "once and for all, in the infrastructures Extremadura be met, that the train arrives and that the terrestrial infrastructures continue".


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