May 14, 2021

Vanessa: “scoring the club’s first goal gives me a lot of confidence”

Vanessa, first goal scorer

Vanessa, first goal scorer

The defeat of Gran Canaria Teldeportivo left better sensations than in the league premiere. The players of Cristina Gimeno They gave samples to think positively and, more importantly, they score goals. Vanessa she was the author of the first goal for the Gran Canaria on their return to the First Division.

The game had its phases to which the players from Gran Canaria knew how to adapt. Without being dominating in any of them, Vanessa’s goal transformed them. It was what the team was lacking in the face of the opposite door. And after him, if he was better than his rival. The prize of the point for which they fought was missing, or all three, and the punishment was received, too harsh, from a new against when time was dying.

However, Teldeportivo already has its new goalscorer in the First Division, Vanessa Jiménez. And the player comments, “Scoring a goal is always an incredible feeling, whether I score it or the team scores it. Nor am I going to sin of false modesty, being a new signing and scoring the club’s first goal this season in the top flight gives me a lot of confidence on a personal level”. Add, “everything that is helping the team is a great satisfaction for me. But in the end I was left with a bittersweet feeling because it was not enough to take us the 3 points, which is what is really important. I think that both me and the team gave us wings at that moment of the game, so much so that we did not stop attacking and the rivals got quite nervous”.

Likewise, Vanessa Jiménez has words for her partner who gave her assistance. “The goal would not have been possible without the generosity of Paulita, who saw me inside the area and did not think twice to give me the pass, therefore 50% of this goal was hers

On the third day of the league, although only two disputed due to the odd condition of the group, the Murcian player talks about how they are: “The team is forging its identity little by little, in the end this category has a very high level and it is much more difficult to generate danger. Therefore we must be more effective in the opportunities we have in the opposite field, have good decision making and be a little more generous in attack. Cris has given us the necessary guidelines to create chances, but in the end in a match it is we, the players, who make the decisions to make possible everything that she transmits to us every week”.

Regarding the start of the league, he states, “The principles are never easy but I am confident that positive results will come soon, as all work has its reward and the team is working hard in each training session. I can say little about the defense, I think it is clear, the team leaves its skin to avoid conceding goals, although in the end in this category mistakes pay dearly and if we don’t score, it is impossible to score. I am sure that we are going to give a twist to all this and soon the joys will arrive on the island, we hope it will be this weekend accompanied by our fans”.

Vanessa not only focuses her work on her first team mates, she also remembers the subsidiary: “I also want to thank the girls who come up from the second division for their help in training is vital, and luckily this club greatly values ​​the creation and training of players at the base. All of this makes it possible for the girls who go up to show that they have enough quality to contribute to the first team, making the training sessions more competitive

In reference to Covid-19, Vanesa expressed her concern, “It bothers me a lot because I don’t get used to this uncertainty. I have my family far away and I am afraid that something could happen and not be there. Because in the end things in the peninsula are much worse than here”.

Gran Canaria Teldeportivo is already preparing its league match corresponding to the fourth day against Majadahonda at the Insular Sports Center. It will be on Saturday from 4:00 p.m.


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