April 16, 2021

Valverde: Valverde: "Maybe football is not that important" | sports

Valverde: Valverde: "Maybe football is not that important" | sports

Concluded the training of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde He arrived at the Old Damm Factory for the clausulara of the thirteenth book of Relatos Solidarios, sports journalism project that every year earmarks the proceeds of the sale of the book to a charitable cause. On this occasion, with the technician of Barcelona as a godfather, he shook hands with the Proactiva Open Arms platform, which is dedicated to saving the lives of refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean. Or try it. "A year ago, in the act of presentation, they had our boat retained in Italy [acusado de promover la inmigración irregular]. Now, they have it here in Barcelona. We have not changed much, "Óscar Camps, responsible for Open Arms, "But we have been able to rescue almost 3,000 lives. We will continue insisting and trying to help these people who are left adrift in international waters. " Among other things, they need a new boat to be able to go out to sea. "But it costs 800,000 euros …" lamented Camps. And, although it is not the remedy, the book of Solidarity Stories is a help because it has raised 47,575 euros with the sale, in addition to different acts such as paddle tournaments, a concert and the invaluable aid of the sponsors, with El Corte Inglés and the Banc Sabadell as principals.

"It will help us a little to sustain the expense", thanked Camps. But that will not help you to free the boat retained in Barcelona. "In Italy he is wanted by the Italian anti-mafia prosecutor, who accused us of promoting irregular immigration. And here he is held by a different minister [el de Fomento]. Well, I do not know if much … ", continued Camps; "It's a political decision where the votes are above the lives. Votes are counted before lives. They told us that with this ship, with a Spanish flag, we could not sail. Something like a: 'It is that if you rescue 300 people commit your life because you are far from the coast. So it's better that they stay under the sea … " Camps continued: "They understood that it was uncontrolled emigration. But the message is: 'Here comes who we want.' So we're looking for another boat and we'll go to sea before they authorize us with this one. "

With a message so shocking and devastating, for once the absolute prominence did not fall on the sponsor. "It's that when you see these things, maybe football is not so important," said Valverde, who tiptoed over the current situation – Messi is fine and Umtiti is expected to return soon -, accompanied on the spot by the Barça vice-president Jordi Cardoner "When these people approached me to tell me that I would be the sponsor, I was surprised and I loved collaborating with Open Arms. You feel part of something that you usually see far away, like Óscar and his people, who risk their lives and I find it incredible. You feel a point of admiration for them and it's comforting to be able to help these heroes, "Valverde concluded.

Next month will be announced the new edition of Relatos Solidarios, which will be aimed at the NGO Pare Manel and will have the Barça goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen as godfather.

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