August 5, 2021

Valtnyc: "I am sure that I will be able to return to a Catalan republic" – La Provincia

Valtnyc: "I am sure that I will be able to return to a Catalan republic" - La Provincia

It's late in Brussels anda young Mallorcan man parks his bicyclenext to the Schumann square, a few meters from the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European Commission. On the weigh a conviction in Spain of three and a half years in prison for the content of their raps. IsJosep Miquel Arenas, better known as Valtònyc, who will soon be half a year in Belgium after having left Mallorca to avoid serving his sentence. Diario de Mallorca was summoned Monday with him in the European capital to analyze his last months: his judicial victories at the moment, his approach toCarles Puigdemontand its controversies. He speaks of "persecution of the National Audience", assures that his goal now is "the Catalan Republic" and appeals to freedom of expression: "I rap, I am an artist, I have no responsibility, comment what you want on my music and complain about it, but do not censure it ".

-He has managed to confront the Belgian justice with the Spanish for condemning him to three and a half years in prison. The Belgian judge sees no reason for his extradition.
-The only thing I expected was for the Belgian justice to apply its penal code and to do justice beyond the influence of political ideas. I do not think there is a conflict between Spain and Belgium, the conflict is with Spain when it sees another justice questioning the sentences of the National Court. The debate should be whether the National High Court does not endanger the integrity of citizens when it abuses the Schengen area in a politicized manner.

– That the extradition for all the crimes was rejected did not enter nor in his better forecasts. You predicted that they would accept the extradition but only for threats.
-It was a possible scenario. To insult the King he should have insulted the Belgian King. Apology of terrorism I have not done because both ETA and Grapo are organizations that are already part of the history of the Spanish State. Some songs can never be terrorism. It's stupid. The hip-hop culture here is very normalized, these lyrics are common and there are no convictions to rappers. The National Court uses the apology of terrorism to make an ideological persecution against the left. If he were worried about the apology of terrorism, he would have condemned Fedérico Jiménez Losantos.

-Would you be comfortable if it was said of you or someone close to what he says in his songs?
– I have never attacked a person in a personal way, but to people with public positions and that influence in the life of another person. For example, if Esperanza Aguirre after overcoming a cancer cuts in health and places the Gürtel I have every right to attack it. Besides, my mother has overcome a cancer. I do not make pamphlets, I do not write in media, I only make songs. I do rap, I'm an artist, I have no responsibility. You can say what you want about my music and complain about it, but you can not use state censorship.

– Now there is the next hearing on November 6 to resolve the appeal of the Belgian public prosecutor, who does defend his extradition. What are you waiting for then?
-I think that what the Belgian judge said now is the most important thing. The prosecution has resorted systematically because it has not brought anything new in its appeal.

"I miss my friends so much, I was my girlfriend, my animals"

-If the appeal does not succeed, it will be left to see how the one filed before the Human Rights Tribunal in Strasbourg is resolved. When do you think you can go back to Mallorca?
-I do not know if I can ever go back to Mallorca. But I am sure that I will be able to return to a Catalan republic and that is my next objective.

-A Catalan republic, with or without Mallorca?
– Without Mallorca.[Risas]

-After half a year, do you miss Mallorca?
-Clear. I miss my friends a lot, who was my girlfriend, my animals, the paper of festes, ses panades and is variats. I miss him and anyone who has had to leave his house to live in a more dignified country. When there are those who want to become independent from Spain, they also want to become independent in order to live in a better country.

– Have you felt supported by the Government of Francina Armengol?
-[Piensa unos segundos]Yes.

-Does not say it too convinced.
-We'll leave it in a yes.

"With Puigdemont I not only share exile, but also objective: to overthrow the regime of 78"

-We've seen him at events with former President Carles Puigdemont, including at Waterloo.
-The image we give here is the image that should be given in Catalonia. Now the only struggle is the fight against fascism. Puigdemont, along with the rest of consellers in exile or in prison, is the one who has been able to do more damage to the 78 regime. We not only share exile, but also share objectives, such as overthrowing the 78 regime, which would weaken a lot with an independence of Catalonia. Apart from the fact that the right to self-determination is an undeniable right and Catalonia is a nation.

– Some people say that Puigdemont and his environment have been brainwashed.
-It is a bit absurd, I defend what I have always defended. Puigdemont and the consellers here in exile are repressed like me. Whoever says that I have been brainwashed is blinded by anti-Catalanism. What would they do in my situation?

-One of the people who said it was the secretary of organization of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, following his statements about Puigdemont being an anarchist.
-I thought it absurd that a week after showing that there is no freedom of expression in Spain, the debate was whether Puigdemont is left or right. A hyperbole is an exaggerated expression, how the debate seems exaggerated. We have people in exile, in prison and the debate is whether they are left or right.

-But for you, is Puigdemont on the left or on the right?
-It's an anarchist.[Risas]

"Valtònyc always goes with Lacoste and that's it, there's no other"

-The incoherence of his speech with wearing Lacoste clothes has been pointed out.[A la entrevista ha acudido con una chaqueta roja con los símbolos de la antigua Unión Soviética]
-I've been working since I was 18 years old and I've earned money by getting up every day at five in the morning. Communism does not prevent you from benefiting from the fruit of your labor. Besides, Valtònyc always goes with Lacoste and that's it, there's no other.

-What is your economic situation now? How do you finance your stay in Belgium?
-There is a box of resistance in which many people have participated to defend freedom of expression. It is very important that you feel a precedent, the important thing is not Valtònyc, there are other rappers accused of advocating terrorism. Apart, here I also work as a web designer and I have savings after having worked since I was 18.

-It has been speculated that it is financed by Puigdemont's own environment.
-No, his only contribution has been to be an example of resistance and dignity.

"The problem is not that there are 10,000 fascists in Vistalegre, the problem is that the institutions are already full"

-It all began with the denunciation of Jorge Campos, now leader of Actúa-Vox. What goes through your mind when you see Vox filling with 10,000 Vistalegre people in Madrid?
-Faces also fill the Santiago Bernabéu every Sunday, I do not worry much. That the extreme right is on the rise in Europe is not a novelty. In the face of misery, fascism sneaks populist and xenophobic discourses for the fear of the people. The problem is not that there are 10,000 fascists in Vistalegre, the problem is that the institutions are already full.

-Do you like Stool?
-[Risas]I have never heard them.

– Your vowel, Willy Bárcenas, son of Luís Bárcenas, said that you were a cagón.
-I thought it was a good strategy to get out in the media. They have taken advantage of my name to go out in the media. It was a good move. Very well played.[Risas]


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