Valsequillo host the first timed section of the 44 Rally Canary Islands - La Provincia

Institutional support is a fundamental pillar for the proper development of an event of the caliber of Canary Islands Rally. Therefore, the All Sport Sports Club maintains contact with all the municipalities for which the 44th edition of this scoring appointment for the European Championship (ERC), to be held from May 7 to 9.

The last one that has signed its signature on the renewal of the collaboration agreement has been that of Valsequillo, a municipality that will once again give the starting signal when it receives the first timed stretch.

"The impact of this test is brutal, very important, is something that we have already verified throughout these years, "he said Francisco Atta, mayor of the municipality.

"It is a rally that moves an impressive number of fans and we are very happy to continue collaborating, supporting and participating in the biggest sporting event that the Canaries have," said Atta who, at the same time, appreciated the fact that his municipality hosts the first timed stretch of the rally. "There is an invaluable promotion of the Valsequillo brand, in addition to a significant economic impact on shops and restaurants"he commented.

Francisco Atta advanced that there will be news in the course of the special test of Valsequillo: "We have gained another kilometer compared to last year; we are going to Enter two neighborhoods such as Colmenar Alto and Era de Mota", a new layout that will delight fans and participating teams.

"Valsequillo has become an important partner of the Canary Islands Rally, in fact, that the test starts on its roads is more than significant, "he said Germán Morales, president of the Organizing Committee. "The corporation of this municipality overturns with the test and I have to be grateful for their collaboration," he continued. "This year, as the mayor has said, the tour will have interesting news that, we are sure, will be liked by everyone," he said.

Francisco Atta and Germán Moralés were accompanied in this meeting by Reinaldo Monzón, Councilor for Sports of the City of Valsequillo, for Damián Suarez, Sports coach of the session, and by Miguel Espino, safety coordinator of the Canary Islands Rally.

The timed section of Valsequillo, in its new distance of 11.91 timed kilometers, will be held on Friday, May 8 as the first and fifth special test of the 44th Canary Islands Rally.


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