Valls insists that the PSC join his candidacy for the Mayor of Barcelona to "recover the city"

Valls insists that the PSC join his candidacy for the Mayor of Barcelona to "recover the city"

Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, has again appealed to the PSC on Monday to join his candidacy for the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​which has the backing of Citizens, in order to "contain populism" and "recover the city".

At the closing of the International Seminar 'Great Challenges of Ibero-America', organized in Madrid by the International Foundation for Freedom, the aspiring mayor has indicated that he has the support "of Cs, sectors of moderate Catalan and independent people."

"But what I want is for other Constitutionalist parties, such as the Catalan Socialists, to come", he stressed, adding that in Europe one can not continue to act "as if politics were the same as before" and as if new ones had not appeared. forces, some of which question "liberal democracy".

Referring both to Barcelona and to Andalusia – after the regional elections this Sunday – and to Spain in general, Valls has opted for "seeking stability with the great constitutionalist parties."


In his opinion, it is necessary "a great alliance between what was social democracy and what is political liberalism, not only to contain populism", that "plays with the fear" of the people and their "anger against the system ", but also to" create hope and optimism ".

"The great frontier is freedom in the face of populism," said Valls, who recalled the demonstration against the independence movement that took place in Barcelona after the illegal referendum on October 1, 2017, in defense of "the values ​​of Europe, democracy , peace, economic progress and the social and welfare state ".

The former head of the French government has explained that he has a project to "recover the city, end insecurity, bet on the economy and new technologies", promote public transport and a "quality urbanism", promote culture and fight against poverty.

From his point of view, Barcelona "is wounded by the consequences of 'procés' and by the ideological management" of the mayor, Ada Colau, who "denies the problems" related to security, housing or tourism and that, from a "leftist populism" treats tourism and business as "enemies".

The mayoral candidate considers that the great debate is whether Barcelona should be "a great Catalan, Spanish and European capital" or whether it should become "the capital of a hypothetical Catalan republic". His wish is that it be an "open and universal" city that preserves its different identities, represents European values ​​and reinforces "political and social liberalism".


Valls has criticized "the totalitarianism of the regime" of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela and the "strong words" of the elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, about democracy, his political opponents or homosexuals, but also the Brexit and the rise of "populism" "in France, Poland, Italy or Hungary, and has described them as" populism of the right or of the left ".

In this context, he has agreed with the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, that what is happening now in the international political scene is reminiscent of the Europe of the 1930s.

"Things are different, but history can be repeated, we see many similar things," he said, mentioning "populism, the critique of democracy and elites" and the search for "strong men who are charged with democracy and freedom".


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