Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

Valls ensures that "never" will negotiate or agree with the extreme right

Valls asegura que “nunca” negociará ni pactará con la extrema derecha

The former French prime minister and candidate to City Hall of Barcelona, Manuel Valls, has assured today that "never" will negotiate or agree with the extreme right, and has expressed its "deepest regret" for the fact that the presidency of Andalusia has the support of Vox.

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In a statement, Valls recalled that he is running for the municipal elections on May 26 as a candidate Independent and without belonging to any political party - although his candidacy has the support of Citizens-, so "his only loyalty" is to Barcelona and Barcelona.

In this sense, he has assured: "I will never directly or indirectly negotiate the investiture nor a government pact with any separatist, supremacist or populist formation, neither of the extreme right nor of the extreme left".

The candidate for the City Council of the Catalan capital, after showing his "respect" for the Andalusian voters who have expressed a "will to change", has reiterated that he would have preferred an agreement between the constitutionalist formations.

In this context, considers that PP and Citizens have signed a government pact that is "clearly reformist", and added: "I know that Citizens will always explore all possible ways to do without the extreme right in the political life of Andalusia until they return it. to the marginal place that has had since the Transition ".

Instead, he says he feels "deeply disappointed" with the lack of "height of view and responsibility" of the PSOE, which could have prevented the "leading role of the far right" in Andalusia with one abstention.

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