February 25, 2021

Valls believes that the municipal plenary on 17A is "an insult to the victims"

Barcelona City Councilman Manuel Valls believes that next Monday's plenary session on the jihadist attacks of August 17, 2017, requested by ERC and JxCat, is "an insult to the victims" and shows that independence has "fallen into trap "division of terrorism.

In statements to Efe, the former French Prime Minister has lashed out at JxCat and ERC for promoting this plenary session following news reports from the "Public" newspaper that allegedly related the CNI and the brain of the attacks.

Valls has denounced "the orchestrated campaign", said, by the media businessman "Jaume Roures against the State, to which the Generalitat and President Quim Torra have joined."

According to Valls, the objective of this "campaign" is "to charge against the State and explain that everything was a conspiracy against the unilateral referendum of 1-O.

The former French Interior Minister has recalled his anti-terrorism experience both in cooperation in the fight against ETA and with respect to the attacks of November 2016 and stressed that what the jihadists seek is to "crack the state" and "divide societies and democracies. "

In that sense, Valls has pointed out that "independence has fallen into the trap of terrorism", by "feeding conspiracy theories" and "charging against the State."

"It's outrageous," Valls continued, who has demanded that Torra "apologize" for joining the conspiracy theories, which, as the former French Prime Minister denounced, Joaquim Forn himself has also signed up, Exconseller of Interior.

He also regretted that there are means "that do not rigorously check the information" and added: "Democracies have to be a place of debate, of asking questions, always with transparency, of course, but with responsibility, with methodology and letting justice work ".

"Not everything goes, we talk about terrorist attacks and we are under threat," he added.

Looking ahead to the municipal plenary session on Monday, Valls has asked Mayor Ada Colau to have "sense of state" as "mayor of a city struck by terrorism."

"I ask Colau not to enter this game because there is a clear majority in the town hall to reject these theories," he added.

The Barcelona councilor, who was very critical through Twitter with the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, for giving credibility to the information that cast shadows on the performance of the CNI, does not rule out that this positioning hinders the negotiations between the PSOE and United We for a coalition government.

"I suppose the PSOE cannot afford to have in the government partners in favor of the right to decide or of these theories," he added.

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