January 16, 2021

Valladolid – Real Madrid: Solari shoots at his squad | sports

Valladolid - Real Madrid: Solari shoots at his squad | sports

Solari, during the pre-match press conference in Valladolid. In video, statements of Solari.

On the afternoon of November 3 of last year, Santiago Solari sat for the first time in the conference room of the Santiago Bernabéu. Yes days before, in his public premiere as coach of Real Madrid, claimed "balls" to his team, on that occasion, after winning two to zero to Valladolid in his debu in LaLiga, requested "commitment, seriousness and competitive spirit." Four months later, knowing himself dismissed after giving up in the three competitions in the last week, and a few hours of visiting in Zorrilla what was his first league rival (20.45, Movistar Partidazo), Solari stoked the fire that lives in Valdebebas when firing directly against your template.

"Do you think all your players have lived up to this shield?", They questioned Solari. "The majority," he replied with a defiant gesture. "And to those who have not been, I have transmitted it personally," he added. Solari did not return to a second question. "Are there any players who have disappointed him on a personal level?" "The question had been whether the players had lived up to the shield. I said that most had been, and those who do not already know, but on my part, "reiterated the technician, brief and challenging in what could be his penultimate appearance as coach of Real.

One of the players Solari refers to is Isco Alarcón. The coach not only pointed to a general part of the group, but also charged against the only player for which he was asked explicitly. Isco apologized to the staff for not riding the bus with his teammates to go to the Bernabeu to the game against Ajax after being discarded.

"Does a new life start for Isco after asking for forgiveness? Can you have more options? " Solari took advantage of the matter to suggest that the Málaga native is not in the physical conditions required to play in the elite. "Disciplinary issues are handled internally. But the sport does not change, it is like that here and in all the teams. To play you have to put yourself first in physical form and then grab the competitive form. That is inexorable, "he argued.

The break between Solari and an important part of the wardrobe was consummated after what happened in the last week. The bulk of the group does not trust the coach and vice versa. Those involved argue that the coach made it clear by having only 12 players for the lineups against Barcelona and Ajax. Solari physically burned part of the staff and marginalized the other. Mariano, for example, the only nine pure Madrid, stayed in the stands in the three decisive appointments despite the lack of goal and forcefulness of the team, recognized in public by some players and by Solari himself.

Paradoxically many of them will be the ones who have to put up with the guy in Pucela tonight. The situation of seriousness within the group is of such magnitude that Sergio Ramos will lead the expedition to Valladolid despite being sanctioned. The absence of the captain, who had an argument with the president on the night he knocked down Ajax and met the squad in private and without Solari a day later, joins that of Bale, Lucas, Carvajal, Vinicius and Mariano, all injured . The extensive list of casualties, added to the wear suffered by pieces like Varane, Reguilón, Kroos, Casemiro, Modric or Benzema, have forgotten as Marcelo, Asensio or Ceballos at the head of the committed appointment in Zorrilla. "The game serves to see who gives the face, who disappears, who is happy, who is sad or who rebels against the situation," said the coach.

Knowing himself dismissed, a few hours of what may be his last game as coach of Madrid, Solari publicly evidenced his break with the locker room. With the suspicion that the club can announce his dismissal at any time, the Argentine decided that if I died, he would do it by shooting his staff.

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