Valerio stresses that "the social dialogue table has not been dynamited"

The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, stressed today that "the social dialogue table has not been dynamited" after CCOO announced an agreement to repeal the most damaging aspects of the labor reform behind the back of the CEOE.

During her appearance before the Labor Committee of the Congress of Deputies, the minister insisted that "the Government has not closed any agreement at the social dialogue table behind the employer's backs of this country," as the union advanced.

He explained that sometimes "leaks occur and are given as certain agreements" that are still discussed at the table, which leads other parties believe that it has really been so, in reference to the CEOE, which was "surprised and outraged "for the supposed agreement.

With respect to the hourly registration of working hours, which will have to be accessible to the employees themselves, Valerio has argued that it must be compatible with the promotion of teleworking or flexible working hours without causing "an abuse in relation to working conditions".

In his appearance, Valerio has trusted that agreements are reached in the proposal of law that is processed in Congress to amend the Statute of Workers and has defended the dialogue, while he recalled that the party that supports the Government has no majority to take the measures forward.


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