Valerio proposes to resume the debate on pensions from the last failed draft of the Toledo Pact

The parliamentary commission of the Toledo Pact, which must develop recommendations on the future of the public pension system, was set up this Thursday. In front, former Labor Minister Magdalena Valerio has been elected president of the commission and has already announced that her proposal to the political parties is that the negotiations start from the draft that almost achieves an agreement in the last legislature, but from which at the last moment PP and United We were unmarked.

"As the jurists would say, she was quite seen for sentencing," joked Magdalena Valerio in her first speech as president of the Toledo Pact, who previously served as PP deputy Celia Villalobos. "All the immense work that was done, with a multitude of meetings, 150 people who appeared ... I believe that these works can be recovered and not start from scratch, but take into account all that work done," Valerio said.

The former Labor Minister recalled that the Toledo Pact should have concluded its recommendations in 2016, but in these four years the different political formations have not finally reached a point of agreement. Valerio stressed that "all citizens" are waiting for the Toledo Pact to come to fruition, because "those who are not pensioners today will be in the future."

The Coalition Government is committed to reforming the pension system and repealing the two key elements of Mariano Rajoy's unilateral legislation of 2013, the sustainability factor and the revaluation index (that of the criticized increases of 0.25%) . The starting point indicated by the Executive of PSOE and United We can for these modifications is precisely the Toledo Pact, as well as the dialogue with the unions and the employers.

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, opened last week in Congress with a clear message: the Spanish pension system is strong. The minister stressed that many people doubt that sustainability and called a political agreement in the Toledo Pact to give "certainty" to citizens.

"Let's not make a blur and a new account"

To the questions of the journalists, the former minister has specified that her intention is that the negotiations start from the draft already drafted in the last legislature. "I am going to propose to the groups that we start from there, that we do not make a blur and a new account, that we do not throw away all the work that is done and that cost a lot of effort to all the people who were part of the commission of the Covenant of Toledo, "said Valerio.

In her inauguration speech of the commission, the president stressed that many deputies repeat in the Toledo Pact, but others are released in this paralytic commission. Among them, all of the Vox group, a game that starting argues that the current public pension system is unsustainable and advocates a mixed public-private system. One of the unknowns will be to see what the extreme right group thinks about starting negotiations from this draft in which the party did not take part, having no parliamentary representation in the last legislature.

In addition, this text of recommendations was not accepted at the last moment by PP and United We can. The works of the Toledo Pact were accelerated with the electoral advance announced by Pedro Sánchez, after the Congress tombed the General Budgets. The different parties tried to close a pension agreement before the Chambers were dissolved, but in the end it did not succeed.

United We can be unmarked from the text, with the now Minister Yolanda Díaz as parliamentarian of the confederal group, because she considered that she needed more negotiation. Thus, he announced particular votes if the draft went ahead as it was. On the other hand, the PP also did not support the agreement because it considered that it was being forced only by the electoral advance. "There was already a practically unanimous agreement, it is practically achieved, it is not achieved by the elections," explained PP deputy Gerardo Camps.

Magdalena Valerio, who as a minister expressed a great disgust with United We can to demarcate from the Toledo Pact, on this occasion she did not want to enter to remember the failure of the agreement. The recommendations "have not yet been renewed because of visicitudes that are irrelevant to remember, because they are in everyone's memory".

Claiming the agreement against the conflict

The new president of the Toledo Pact has called on the deputies of the Toledo Pact to maintain, on the 25th anniversary of this parliamentary commission, the spirit of agreement and consensus that has characterized the Pact, created to try to reach agreements between the different formations in matters of pensions and that were not used as a throwing weapon by political parties.

"If there is a commission in this house, the Congress of Deputies, in which dialogue is practiced and if possible the agreement is in the Toledo Pact. It is one of its hallmarks. That calm, calm, debate dialogue , of reflection ", highlighted Valerio.

The climate in Parliament has hardened, especially by the opposition, so Magdalena Valerio has wished that this climate of understanding and respect of the Toledo Pact be passed on to the House as a whole. "Leave the quarrels and discrepancies and try to find out what unites us and not what separates us," he recommended.


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