Valerio points out that 15% of Spanish workers are poor - The Province

Valerio points out that 15% of Spanish workers are poor - The Province

The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security,Magdalena Valerio, he recalled on Tuesday to those who criticize, considering it unacceptable, the rise to 900 euros ofMinimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI)that 15% ofworkersin Spain they arepoor.

Speaking at an informative meeting organized by the SER chain in the Canary Islands, Valerio stressed that "it is agreed" that the SMI, according to agreement, will reach 1,000 euros per month in 2020, which will translate into 14,000 euros per year.

The minister has considered that in a country where 40% of the unemployed do not receive any benefit, we must make a small effort to guarantee the evolution of the SMI, since what their recipients "earn more per month are not. saving, but going to consumption, so this measure is contributing to boost the economy, "while" has pulled up the minimum base ofquotation"

On the public pension system, Valerio has estimated that it has helped maintain peace and social stability in Spain during the last economic crisis and has stressed that "we want, we can and must maintain" this instrument of "intergenerational distribution and solidarity because it has given very good results ", despite the" very strong deficit "that began to affect him in 2012.

The minister has alluded to the reserve fund and has said that its endowment has gone from 67,000 million to 5,000 million, which is the amount that is available this year, because it has been used, "not to rescue highways or do nothing unusual, but to pay the extraordinary payments ", payments that, however, have had to be reinforced since 2017 with credits requested from the Treasury.

Asked about the feasibility of implementing a finalist tax in Spain to meet the payment of pensions, as France has done, and on the basis of their opinion that they be paid by way of general taxation, as Germany has done, Magdalena Valerio has Underlined that the current General Social Security Law already provides that non-contributory benefits and the minimum complement, which is assistance, be paid with theState's general budgetsand taxes.

Valerio was convinced that "you have to fight to get a pension and be worthy" and has appealed to young people, who have guaranteed that "can rely on the future of the public pension system because it is a system of solidarity between generations ".

As he has intended with the shock plan for youth employment, "which is completed and plans to start," the minister has advanced that the Government plans to approve a plan called "Reincorpórate", aimed at the group of long-term unemployed duration, an initiative that will bet on personalized insertion itineraries.

This plan will involve the hiring of 3,000 new counselors, who must be coordinated with institutes and universities, as well as with the social services of the town councils and the autonomous communities.


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