Valerio is committed to studying the ERE of Alcoa and refuses to intervene the company

The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, has today pledged to "study in depth" the Extinction of Regulation of Employment (ERE) extintitvo presented by Alcoa for its plants in A Coruña and Avilés and has rejected that the Government intervene the company.

Before participating in an act of the PSdeG in Santiago de Compostela, and asked by the representatives of the workers about the possibility that the Government could intervene in the company, the minister has assured that Spain is not a nationalized economy.

"How to intervene? We are not in a communist regime," concluded the minister, who had previously committed to "study in depth" the ERE to give a solution that she hopes will be "satisfactory" to improve the situation of the thousands. of affected people, among employees (some seven hundred) and their families.

Yesterday, during a new day of protests, workers' representatives demanded in A Coruña the intervention of the US multinational by the Government to prevent the closure of its aluminum factories in the Galician city and Avilés (Asturias).

"The Government should apply as soon as possible the article 128.2 of the Spanish Constitution and intervene the factories before it is too late," the president of the works committee of the Alcoa plant in A Coruña, Juan Carlos López Corbacho, told Efe.

Although this article has never been applied, Corbacho pointed out that "until now the conditions had never been met; that is, that it is a strategic company for the State and that its intervention responds to the national good ".

"In the case of Alcoa this intervention would be more than justified because there is a monopoly, it is the only producer of primary aluminum in Spain, it has the only three plants of the State: A Coruña, Avilés and San Cibrao (Lugo )", he pointed.

The minister also said that the labor reform issues are still being discussed at the social dialogue table.


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