Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Valentín, member of 'Los Lobos' denounces the precariousness of public services

Un concursante de ‘¡Boom!’ denuncia la precariedad de los servicios públicos

Television contests are not only challenges and tests to be overcome by their contestants, but also moments in which participants express their views on relevant topics. In
are very given to relate personal experiences and above all, put in the disparate social issues that concern us all. Valentin, the team member The Wolveshe wanted report the precariousness of the public services of your city.

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The video of your complaint has become a viral phenomenon. The professor has denounced that both transport public as the services of recycling of Alicante are insufficient.

"The administrations do not help the citizen very much"

"I would like to recycle better," Valentín responded to Juanra Bonet's question. "The administrations do not help the citizen very much, at least where I live," the contestant continued. In fact, he made it clear that: "They do not pick it up often enough. I think it's important, I'd like to contribute much more, but it's very difficult. "

Although it was not the only criticism made by Los Lobos member of Boom!: "From my experience, it is not as good as it should be: the tram lines that were made do not think they are well designed, should give better service, go through other sites and have more frequency" In fact, "I'm forced to take the car there because it has neighborhoods and towns that are not very well connected." And he concluded by apologizing: "I'm sorry, but that's what I think."

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