Valencian feminists self-incriminate in protest of the fines imposed on 8-M | Society

The 8-M millions of people made visible in the streets the inequality and abuses suffered by women around the world. The great feminist demonstration this year was accompanied by a successful strike to demand a profound change in society, lto the first general feminist strike around the world. But some feminists in Valencia were fined in application of the gag law They participated in the strike picket. The fines amounted to 600 euros and 12 women received them. This Tuesday, the 8M Feminist Assembly of València has denounced that in application of this law it has "criminalized" the feminist movement.

The platform has been focused on the doors of the Government Delegation in Valencia and has demanded that the sanctions imposed be withdrawn, the concentration has been tense and all the women who have protested have signed a symbolic document self-incriminating for the same action for which the 12 compañeras have been fined. A kind of "I also went picketing" that mimics the old "I have also aborted", with which thousands of women sympathized with those who were condemned for having interrupted pregnancy decades ago.

Teresa Meana, spokesperson for the group, recalled that the Government delegate, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, promised to review the fines one by one. "We are in December and everything is the same," he said. "Each fine," he explained, "amounts to about 600 euros and the reasons are for reporting or demonstrating in a legally called strike, for occupying the streets peacefully, for protesting police violence," they interpret.

The collective in another act of protest.
The collective in another act of protest.

Eva Romaní, who is part of the assembly, has indicated that they do not intend to pay the sanctions that show "the police repression that the movement is suffering in Valencia in the form of fines." "One of the fines came after an identification in an alley in Benimaclet where the police had us arrested, the fine was for occupying the street, something absurd", added Romaní.

The protest has brought together historical feminists such as journalists Rosa Solbes and Emilia Bolinches, and the lawyer Julia Sevilla, that yesterday received the medal of the Universitat de València in an act that was attended by the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo.


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