Valencia will host the 2026 Gay Games

The candidacy of Valencia, with the flag that will fly in the city until 2026.

The candidacy of Valencia, with the flag that will fly in the city until 2026.

Valencia will host the Gay Games 2026. The city has prevailed over the cities of Munich and Guadalajara (Mexico) in the bid to celebrate the XII Gay Games to be held in the city of Valencia.

The sporting event will take place between the months of May and June and it will involve athletes from all over the world. Beyond sports brands, which belong to the world of amateur sports, it is an appointment that attracts a large number of tourists. For just over a week, the city would host competitions of up to 36 sports modalities, in addition to other cultural activities. It is estimated that the event could attract some 15,000 participants and 100,000 visitors, with an economic impact of 120 million euros.

Where will it be held?

For the moment, and in the absence of new facilities being built by then, the proposal presented by València builds on pre-existing facilities. For example, it is pending whether the Nou Moles sports center, the Nou Benicalap pavilion (if it materializes) or the Casal Arena will be used.

Highlights as La Marina sports center, where not only nautical events will be held. The sheds will also be used for other sports.

List of sports and initial scenarios:

Swimming. Parque Oeste and Polytechnic University Pools

Athletics. Turia Stadium

Badminton. La Petxina Complex and Fuensanta Pavilion

Basketball. Alquería del Basket

Beach volleyball. Las Arenas beach

Cheerleading. Alquería del Basket

Colpbol. Nazaret Sports Center

Road Cycling. Circuit with departure and arrival in the City of Arts and Sciences

Dance Sport. Alquería del Basket.

E-Sports. City of Arts and Sciences

Fencing. Benimaclet Pavilion

Hockey grass. Beteró field

Soccer. Fields of El Rumbo, Exhibition and Serranos

Kayak Polo. The marine

Martial Arts. San Luis Fountain Pavilion

Valencian pilot. Pelayo’s ratchet (alternative: Borboto’s ratchet)

Powerlifting. La Creu del Grau Sports Center

Quidditch. Turia Garden Rugby Field

Rowing. Las Arenas beach

Rugby. Turia Garden Rugby Field and Rugby City

Candle. The marine

Softball. Baseball-softball field of the Turia Garden and Nazaret field (in project)

Table tennis. The marine

Tennis. CT València, Spanish Tennis Club, Sporting TC and Doctor Lluch and Malva-rosa courts

triathlon. The marine

Volleyball. Benicalap, Malva-rosa and Cabanyal-Canyamelar Pavilions

Struggle. San Isidro Pavilion

Body-building. La Petxina complex

Bowling. Bowling Center València and Heron City

Ice skating. Fun on ice

Golf: Fields of El Saler and El Bosque


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