October 21, 2020

Valencia will fine with 120,000 euros the therapies to 'correct' sexual orientation | Society

Valencia will fine with 120,000 euros the therapies to 'correct' sexual orientation | Society

The plenary of the Valencian Courts has approved on Wednesday the law of equality of the LGTBI people that prohibits the therapies for to correct the orientation or gender identity. The Valencian Community will establish fines of 60,000 to 120,000 euros for these infractions and will provide legal advice, healthcare and social measures to hate victims of the LGTBI collective, whose rights will be recognized in the victim's statute. The new law includes a general anti-discrimination clause that states that the Administrations may act ex officio, without need of complaint or complaint, against these therapies.

"Often, they call me parents of boys and girls when they learn that their children are gays or lesbians, to see if I can change their sexuality." There is a lot of ignorance ", criticizes Dr. Antonio Ortega López, psychologist and sexual therapist. Ortega specializes in LGTBI psychology, but his work is the opposite of what some clients demand of their services. This doctor in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid values ​​the measure taken by the Valencian Parliament: "They should be pursued therapies that undermine human identity, respect and diversity"

"Nobody else has to live inside the closet, no one by age has to go back into it, for all the people who have lived with fear or have not been able to bear that reality We have the obligation to approve this law, "said Rosa Mustafá, PSOE deputy in the Cortes.The heated debate that has taken place in the plenary has concluded with the approval of the law with the support of all the groups except the PP, The new law also includes the creation of the Valencian LGTBI Council as an organ for citizen participation in rights and freedoms, and an orientation and counseling service is guaranteed for these people and their relatives. LGTBI memory to promote research on the history of the collective.

In the field of health, the norm dictates that training will be offered to health personnel to ensure respectful care for all people, specific services to meet the particular needs of LGTBI people or the guarantee of access to assisted reproduction techniques. In terms of education, a system "free of all pressure, aggression or discrimination based on sexual orientation" will be used, and will include the treatment of diversity in the curricula through sex education guides. The law also delves into the guarantee that there is no discrimination towards this group in the evaluation of suitability in the adoption processes.

The Deputy Compromis Fran Ferri has shown his satisfaction and has indicated that he, like many, has lived in first person moments of "lack of equality, discrimination and hatred". Ferri has asked the heterosexual deputies of the room how many of them "have been afraid to shake their partner in the street or have analyzed the environment before giving a kiss". Citizens' deputy Emilio Argüeso has also celebrated the approval and stressed the need for "bury once and for all any form of discrimination and aberrant treatments ", which has described LGTBI people as" true torture ".

From the PP, his deputy in the Cortes Blanca Garrigues has argued that they have abstained because although "it is not the law that would have made his party, they are more things that unite them than those that separate them." But he has criticized that the law "needs resources to be applied". The PP raised in its amendments regarding education the treatment of sexual diversity specifying the "respect for the freedom of chair, pedagogical autonomy and the ideology of the center."

Various associations have received the news of the approval of the Valencian law with open arms. "These days can cause irreparable psychological and physical damage In the subjects, "explains Iago Blando, coordinator of the Arcópoli collective, Blando criticizes the" medicalization "of homosexuality in all its forms, since the association warns that in Spain there are clinics that offer services of" reversion "of sexuality that" They charge around 300 euros for their services. "" They are advertised as sexuality courses or as religious events, but in reality they are catalysts for the psychological destruction of the person, "says the coordinator.

The State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals has also shown its support for the approval of the equality law and regretted that "this type of infractions continue to exist in the 21st century". Paula Iglesias, vocalist of strategic policies of the federación, has criticized the lack of legislation about these dangerous treatments. "These therapists, if you can call them that, benefit from the suffering that LGTBI people may have that, because of their environment or circumstances, they can not accept their gender identity."


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