December 1, 2020

Valencia remains at the gates of the comeback against Alavés in Mendizorroza

The Valencia brushed the comeback against him Deportivo Alavés in Mendizorroza but he encountered a Fernando Pacheco Salvador, after his team signed a great first half in which he got a good income, but failed to maintain the difference in the second half and the visitors equalized the duel (2-2) on the tenth day of LaLiga Santander.

Ximo Navarro and Lucas Pérez, from a penalty, advanced to the Basques in the first quarter of an hour of the game. The great local start lasted during the first half hour, but in the second half Javi Gracia’s men came out with the clearest ideas and the entry to the pitch of Manu Vallejo and Gonçalo Guedes offered more possibilities to a Valencia that in just five minutes tied the game 2-2 with goals from Manu Vallejo and Hugo Guillamón.

The Levantines climb to eighth place with 12 points, while the Vitorians climb to fourteenth place thanks to their ten points and add their fourth game without losing.

The game turned upside down for Alavés in the early stages thanks to a goal by Ximo Navarro from a corner kick, after finishing off a good ball from Lucas Pérez, to overtake the Vitorians two minutes after the opening whistle.

The albiazules tried to take advantage of the worst moments of Valencia through set pieces in some difficult minutes for Javi Gracia’s men and it was Ximo Navarro himself who forced the penalty for Lucas Pérez to convert it in minute 16, which left the game on track for an Alavés who entered the game with intensity and with very clear ideas.

The first half hour that Alavés proposed wore him down a lot. That is why he left the initiative to Valencia and he defended himself against the Valencian team, unable to generate clear chances to cut distances before the break. Only Daniel Wass tried to surprise Fernando Pacheco with a very distant direct free kick.

Denis Cheryshev gave a warning five minutes after the restart, but was left without an angle after dribbling the Alava goalkeeper. It was the first warning of a better Valencia planted behind, but very little vertical.

In minute 58, Kevin Gameiro hesitated and forgave in a heads-up against the Extremaduran goalkeeper of Alavés, who covered the near post well and prevented the Levantines from cutting distances in a duel that was taking the orange color of the visiting squad with him pass of the time.

The Valencia asked for a possible penalty from Ximo Navarro on the Portuguese Gonçalo Guedes, but the referee Santiago Jaime Latre pointed to the attacker’s hand and invalidated the subsequent contact of the Mallorcan defender and after a few minutes the video referee had to intervene again to annul a goal by Víctor Laguardia by the Aragonese.

Javi Gracia’s changes encouraged his team, who changed their offensive disposition and prowled the local area more often and Manu Vallejo found the prize to score Valencia’s first goal in the 73rd minute.

The game changed in a matter of five minutes after the Hugo Guillamón headed goal in a free-kick thrown by Carlos Soler, before the confusion of the Alava rear that could not find an answer to the Valencian attacks.

The final stretch was a give and take, with very clear options for Valencia, but Kevin Gamerio forgave Fernando Pacheco after a counterattack and the goalkeeper saved another clear chance from Manu Vallejo during the 8-minute discount decreed by the referee, who did not served to move the marker more.

Data sheet:

2 – Alavés: Pacheco, Ximo, Lejeune, Laguardia, Duarte; Jota (Manu García, min.55), Battaglia, Pina, Rioja; Lucas Pérez (Borja Sainz, min. 72) and Joselu (Guidetti, min. 72).

2 – Valencia: Juame Doménech, Wass, Gabriel Paulista, Hugo Guillamón, Gayà (Lato, min.94); Musah, Carlos Soler, Racic, Cheryshev (Manu Vallejo, min.57), Kang In Lee (Guedes, min.57); and Gameiro.

Goals: 1-0, m.3: Navarro. 2-0, m.16: Lucas Pérez, from a penalty. 2-1, m.73: Manu Vallejo. 2-2, m.78: Guillamón.

Referee: Jaime Latre (Aragonese Committee). He showed a yellow card to the local Lejeune (min.37) and the visitors Guillamón (min.53)


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