April 10, 2021

Valencia receives an extensive retrospective of the British photographer Martin Parr

Valencia, Mar 3 (EFE) .- The Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) of Valencia offers a retrospective of the British photographer Martin Parr (Epsom, United Kingdom, 1952) with more than 200 photographs and 168 images of his “collage” Common Sense from the Magnum Photos agency, to which it belongs since 1994.

It was inaugurated in Rennes (France) in 2020 and on the way to Belgium and Korea, the exhibition “Martin Parr. Parrathon” makes his only stop in Spain in Valencia to show some of his most recognized series.

Since his exhibition at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid in 2004, such an important exhibition of the artist had not been seen in Spain. The exhibition is curated by Nacha Soler and by the director of the CCCC, José Luis Pérez Pont, and will occupy the Carlos Pérez Room of the art center until June 6.

Internationally recognized, his photography revolutionized the technique and the photographic gaze. Since the 1980s, Martin Parr’s work has influenced the development of contemporary photography and his work can be found in some of the most important museums in the world.

However, according to Nacha Soler, he remains an artist little known among the general public, who is precisely the protagonist of his images.

For Pérez Pont, the exhibition brings together the figure and work of this unique photographer and invites us to see the world from his own perspective and sense of humor.

According to the curators, Martin Parr’s images are a critique of the system from within, “showing the problems of our time with an ironic look capable of documenting the ‘kitsch’ part of everyday life”.

The exhibition traces the trajectory of the photographer through some of his iconic series, between 1975 and 2019. Taking British society as a reference, with humor, Parr accumulates images with which he shows the fragmented vision of a reality dominated by consumerism, the mass tourism, junk food, superficiality, classism or the hyper-representation of the self.

“His images tend to amuse, but also uncomfortable, because what they show is our reflection,” explain José Luis Pérez Pont and Nacha Soler.

The exhibition begins with the series “Bad Weather” in black and white, in which Martin Parr captures the everyday moments of his fellow citizens in the face of typical English weather conditions: showers, drizzles, snow storms, and concludes with “Death by selfie “(2015-2019).


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