June 21, 2021

Valencia premieres festival and shines high

Valencia promises to support the talent of its people, the Association of Valencian Fashion Designers (DIMOVA), led by Miquel Suay in conjunction with the Valencia City Council have developed the first multidisciplinary festival in the history of the City: the Clec Fashion Festival combines the gastronomy, learning, photography and collective reflection with fashion as a point of union. Here we tell you everything that was experienced on the first day of the festival:

To inaugurate the event, the dance performance directed by the dancer Critina Cabo was enjoyed: “The Iceberg of Greta” It was a reflective number of great artistic quality. An execution that left in the hands of the spectators to decipher the sense of such a striking dance, a dance of two dancers dressed completely dressed in white who played with large pieces of paper lying on the floor.

He opened the way to the first parade of the day, the catwalk of the students of the School of Higher Design Arts of Valencia and the Official Center for Higher Education Barreira A + D. It was no accident that the parade was titled “Sustainable collective”, the models wore disturbing clothes, perfectly made to remember the separation of the individual with the outside world, the clear break with the reality that we are facing today. The parade closed with the controversial designer Alvaro Mars, known internationally for the emotional quality of his pieces.

Alvaro refers to your collection, “Paradiso Theater”, how “Some street, combines the impact force of great European, Mediterranean cultures, such as Flamenco, theater.” It is something that had already triumphed in Russia long before meeting in Spain, therefore, Alvaro reinforces the idea that this kind of events, of national cultural promotion are more than necessary so that talent does not have to go out and look for alternatives in any other place.

“It’s a non-stop, from here to there” There are so many things to see in the Glec Fashion Festival that you don’t have time to leave, the concept of simultaneous activities captures your attention as a double-edged trap: If you leave a fashion conference and then go through a photo session, you inevitably stay to see everything, each discipline is different and Attractive in its own way.

Dolores Cortés surprised with his designs of swimsuits so varied in prints, shapes and colors. The designer also participated in the creations of the show cooking, contributing two of her designs to Michelangelo Major with which the chef created two dishes. Dolores says that this initiative seems very new: “The Clec does not try to compete with other big fashion events, it is a different concept and that’s fine.” The dish that has been created by the union of Michelangelo and Dolores is a great proof that fashion can inspire everything, they describe the work as pleasant and simple, they both met to develop the project and then they got together.

Among applause the Yvan Andreu parade triumphed, with fresh and elegant proposals, in addition to the interpretative references to today’s society and new technologies, a constant theme in the designs of the day and in the fashion that develops for the new seasons in general . This designer was the preamble to the night that began to fall on the Hemisfèric, with the lights of the City of the Arts he gave a great charm to the catwalks that closed the first day of the Glec.

Giorgio Andres and Santi Mozas, the young designers of Siamo studios, gave their first large-scale parade at this festival, they were nervous but above all excited to be able to live this unforgettable moment in their land, Valencia, Santi described it by ensuring that An initiative of this type, multidisciplinary and indigenous, is an opportunity for young Valencian talents to shine.

The veteran Isabel Sanchís arrived at the parade to impact, together with her daughter Paula Maiques they presented us with a sober, very elegant and striking collection, with textures and frills, adorned by long glamorous tails, Isabel and Paula confessed to us that the secret of their success is To design for all types of women, they try to create products so varied, that they can satisfy all tastes and the firmness with which their brand extends throughout the world, guarantees that they are achieving it.

To close the night Anais Vauxcelles presented her new collection, bright designs reminiscent of fables and fairy tales, an innovative concept full of vibrant colors and shapes. Anais began her career three years ago and in this short time she has made a lot of progress, she came directly from London Fashion Week and was filled with great enthusiasm to finish the parade season at her home, Valencia. It was the lucky ones who could enjoy a Cooking Show inspired by one of his designs, with chef Vicente Patiño. About the Clec Fashion Festival, he considers that “it should happen every six months.”

The music closed with gold the first night of the Clec, Pepino Marino, Dani Rubio and Badano were cheering the public until midnight when the Hemisfèric of Valencia finally closed its doors and left the public waiting for a new festival day. It is fortunate that there is still another day.


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